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Announcing the AWS Implementation of the OSDU™ Data Platform Mercury Release to Fuel Sustainable Innovation

At long last, the ability to innovate subsurface workflows, eliminate data silos, and dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of subsurface teams is becoming a reality. Enabling novel analytical approaches that reduce workload friction requires standardizing data in ways that have never been done before. The Mercury Release of the OSDU™ Data Platform is the first production-ready release from the OSDU™ Forum. Together with AWS and innovative software Partners, customers like Shell, Woodside, and Petrobras are leveraging the OSDU™ Data Platform to eliminate data silos and fuel breakthrough, sustainable innovation.

Collaborative Open Source Technology to Drive Industry-wide Innovation

The Open Group OSDU™ Forum enables the energy industry to develop and exploit transformational technology that creates step changes in exploration efficiency. Since its founding in 2017, the OSDU™ Forum has focused on developing a standard data platform and ISV ecosystem for the energy industry to eliminate data silos and put data at the center of the subsurface community. Today the OSDU™ Forum has nearly 200 members, and a roadmap for the OSDU™ Data Platform that spans subsurface data types, production and time series data, and new energy solutions.

move data to the center to accelerate workflows

The Mercury Release of the OSDU™ Data Platform went live on March 24, 2021. Mercury is the first production-ready version of the platform, and provides a common open source data platform to deliver ease of use for exploration and development workflows.

Supporting Energy Customers with Their OSDU Journey

With deep gratitude to the Forum and its members, AWS announces our contributions to the Mercury Release. The AWS journey on OSDU™ began in 2018 when we created the Subsurface Data Universe with Shell, which laid the foundation for the OSDUTM Forum, of which we are a founding member.

Since then, we have been working with customers such as Woodside, Shell, and Petrobras to deliver secure, reliable, and scalable solutions that reduce non-productive time, eliminate manual processes, and free subsurface teams to innovate with AWS and its ISV Partners for the future.

The OSDU™ Data Platform is part of a larger approach to enabling our energy customers to create solutions that span to the entire energy value chain, including cases to support new energy data types.  The AWS implementation of the OSDU™ Data Platform is backed by cloud-native infrastructure that’s custom-built for the cloud, designed to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. Energy customers are then able to select from any number of best-in-breed applications to add functionality to their AWS implementation of the OSDU™ Data Platform environment, while also streamlining application procurement and oversight through options like AWS Marketplace.

OSDU framework

Adaptable Solutions for Tomorrow’s Innovations

AWS has the world’s largest community of customers and partners with over 100 AWS Partners building energy-focused solutions. The AWS Partner Network (APN) is the global community of AWS Partners who leverage AWS to build solutions and services for customers. AWS helps Partners build, market, and sell their AWS offerings by providing valuable business, technical, and marketing support. In the OSDU™ space, we’ve engaged with dozens of AWS Partners to build OSDU-compliant applications to enable our energy customers to select from any best-in-breed application for plug-and-play interoperability with their energy workloads.

The following is a sampling of AWS Partner-led AWS integrations/implementations on OSDU™. To learn more about these integrations, scroll down to the “OSDU in Action” section within our OSDU data platform webpage.

47Lining: Enterprise platform as a service, aligned to the OSDU™ standard, gets you up and running quickly in production so you can focus on your process optimization use cases and continuous business transformation.

Accenture: AWS’ Premier Consulting Partner to deploy and deliver managed services of the OSDU™ Data Platform.

Bluware: Bluware and AWS are revolutionizing Subsurface Data in the Cloud. View this press release to learn more.

Ikon Science: Run RokDoc directly from the web-browser via Curate integrated on the AWS implementation of OSDU. View this press release to learn more.

DGI: Import and visualize OSDU data flawlessly using the DGI CoViz4D OSDU web plugin.

Energistics: Robust integration workstreams including support for DDMS and ingestion pipelines.

geoLOGIC Systems: Search, send, and collaborate with PDM (powered by SSIO) on the AWS implementation of OSDU.

Halliburton: Landmark’s DecisionSpace365 suite of data and analytics solutions is a modular, open and plug-and-play solution which manages, cleans, and governs data to help derive additional insights.

IHS Markit: IHS Markit EDM for accelerated data management and workflow automation.

Intel: Accelerate Seismic Inference with Intel’s OpenVINO™ integrated on the AWS implementation of OSDU.

INT: Energy Data Visualization powered by IVAAP’s integration on the AWS implementation of OSDU.

Interica: Discover, analyze and act with Interica’s One View (IOV) integrated on the AWS implementation of OSDU.

Katalyst DM: Search and order data using OSDI APIs with iGlass integrated on the AWS implementation of OSDU.

MongoDB: Gain flexibility for your OSDU project with AWS and MongoDB-based storage option.

Osokey: Step through Seg-Y on the AWS Cloud in a highly performant manner using multiple Lambda functions in parallel.

Pariveda: Partnering with customers to define and deliver their integrated OSDU visions.

Quorum: EnergyIQ’s Trusted Data Manager integrated on the AWS implementation of OSDU successfully manages and blends data prior to OSDU ingestion.

SoftServe: Streamlined solution for well log data processing and lithofacies prediction that is built on the AWS for OSDU platform.

TIBCO: Unlock opportunities in analytics with Spotfire’s seamless consumption of OSDU data with the AWS implementation of OSDU integration.

This critical mass of Partners focused on solutions is a key strength of our energy data platform, and part of the reason customers have been working with us to fuel sustainable innovation.

Get Started with an AWS Implementation of the OSDU™ Data Platform

The AWS implementation of the OSDU™ Data Platform provides the tools to liberate data and accelerate workflows. With fine-tuned control over the applications enabling their business processes, our customers are able to reduce silos and gain access to data – enabling more effective, business-centric workflows for exploration, development, well engineering, and operations.

To begin your journey with an AWS implementation of the OSDU™ Data Platform:

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Dr. Liz Dennett

Dr. Liz Dennett

Dr. Liz Dennett is the Lead Solutions Architect for the OSDU Energy Data Platform on AWS. Liz brings over a decade of energy industry experience including a MS and PhD in Geoscience, and previous work at Hess Corporation, Biota Technology, and the NASA Astrobiology Institute. Liz’s passions include building things, solving problems, and stubbornly refusing to believe things are “hard.”

Kim Padeletti

Kim Padeletti

Kim Padeletti leads OSDU on AWS activities, providing management and oversight to the AWS global OSDU business lines and customers. The AWS OSDU and unique energy offerings deliver valuable solutions that reduce customer cost and risk. Kim has 15+ years of international project and operational experience, working in roles of increasing complexity and scale from new technology solutions for AWS Energy to leading major energy projects in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Joe Nieten

Joe Nieten

Joe Nieten is the Product Development Leader for AWS Energy. He brings over 20 years of deep expertise within the energy and operations automation space, where he has applied evolving technologies to solve real world problems. Joe Nieten leads OSDU Delivery at AWS, and also serves as the OSDU Forum PMC vice-lead

Dr. Ranjita Ghose

Dr. Ranjita Ghose

Dr. Ranjita Ghose is Senior Partner Development Manager, Strategic Initiatives at AWS. She holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and pre-AWS spent seven years within ExxonMobil in Research, Technology, Marketing and Sales. Outside of work, she loves singing classical music and reading books.

Dhruv Vashisth

Dhruv Vashisth

Dhruv Vashisth, a principal solutions architect for Global Energy Partners at AWS, brings over 19 years of deep experience in architecting and implementing enterprise solutions, with a 15-year tenure specifically in the energy industry. Dhruv is dedicated to helping AWS energy partners in constructing upstream and decarbonization solutions on AWS. Since joining AWS in 2019, Dhruv has been driving the success of energy partners by leading solution architecture, solution launches, and joint go-to-market strategies on AWS.