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AWS re:Invent 2019 – Automotive Industry Guide

Thank you for your interest in re:Invent 2019. To learn more about re:Invent 2020, please visit the event website to sign up for updates.


AWS re:Invent is a conference hosted by Amazon Web Services for the global cloud computing community. The event features keynote announcements, training and certification opportunities, access to more than 2,500 technical sessions, a partner expo, after-hours events, and so much more. re:Invent 2019 will take place Dec 2-6 in Las Vegas. With more than 60,000 attendees across six venues on the Las Vegas strip, 2019 promises to be the biggest re:Invent yet.

There are some incredible sessions shaping up for the automotive community with topics covering connected vehicles and mobility, autonomous vehicle development, and automotive manufacturing, with speakers from Toyota Connected, BMW Group, VW Group, Mobileye, and MOIA. Additionally, we have highlighted sessions across key AWS services including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and IoT that are relevant to the automotive audience.

With so much going on it’s sometimes difficult to determine how to spend your time. For Automotive attendees looking to get the most out of their experience:

  • Register for re:Invent
  • Browse the list of automotive sessions in the Session Builder and reserve your spot
  • Use the filters and search functions in the Session Builder to look for other relevant topics
  • Choose session types and level (200-400) based on your interest and expertise. For reference:
    • “Sessions” are 60 min lecture style presentations,
    • “Chalk Talks” are 15-min lecture followed by 45-min audience Q&A
    • “Workshops” are 2+ hour hands-on sessions
    • “Builders Sessions” are 60-min small group sessions for up to 5 people with an AWS subject matter expert

Automotive sessions

AUT202-L Automotive industry innovation in the cloud (featuring Toyota Connected)

AUT306 Creating a data-driven, cloud-native ecosystem at BMW Group

AUT301 Building predictive vehicle maintenance models on AWS

AUT303 How race teams gain a competitive advantage with AWS

AUT401 Building AR/AI automotive owner applications with AWS

Connected vehicles and mobility

AUT305 What’s new with the AWS connected vehicle solution? (Featuring Moia)

AUT304 Device provisioning and management for connected vehicles

AUT403 Hands-on with the new AWS connected vehicle solution (2.5 hr)

AUT402 Creating connected vehicle shadows using AWS IoT.

Autonomous vehicle development

AUT307 Navigating the winding road toward driverless mobility (featuring Mobileye)

AUT302 Running autonomous driving simulations at large scale in AWS

AUT404 Deep dive: AWS ML stack for autonomous vehicle model building

CMP328 How Uber automates efficient & scalable vehicle simulations with AWS Batch

AIM410 Deep learning applications with TensorFlow, featuring Mobileye

ROB402 Deep dive: AWS ML stack for autonomous vehicle model building

Manufacturing/smart factory

MFG204 Volkswagen takes production to the cloud

IOT339 Transforming automotive manufacturing with Volkswagen

MFG205-L Manufacturing Leadership session: From BI to AI at INVISTA

MFG202 Building on AWS: The architecture of the Siemens MindSphere platform

Other sessions for automotive interest


AIM422 Machine learning at the edge with Amazon SageMaker Neo

AIM221 Transform operations and enable predictive maintenance with ML

AIM416 Deploy an ML model on the cloud and at the edge

AIM422 Machine learning at the edge with Amazon SageMaker Neo

AIM312 Build more accurate forecasting models with machine learning

AIM323 Real-time personalization and recommendation using AI

AIM328 Build predictive maintenance systems with Amazon SageMaker

AIM343 Build computer vision models with Amazon SageMaker

AIM314 Computer vision at the edge

AIM218-L Leadership session: Machine learning


IOT217-S Making the CASE: Cloud-based innovation in the automotive industry

IOT204-S More than rubber on the road: Tires in an IoT world, featuring Pirelli

IOT318 Audit your device fleet with AWS IoT Device Defender

IOT309 Combining IoT and machine learning for predictive maintenance

IOT305-L Leadership session: IoT

IOT325 Managing security of large IoT fleets with AWS IoT cloud services

IOT405 Performing analytics at the edge

IOT216 The circular supply chain, and the drive for sustainability

IOT314 Driving operational performance across industrial facilities with AWS


SEC337 Toyota Motor North America: Securing the cloud with AWS KMS

MOB309 Develop serverless GraphQL architectures using AWS AppSync (BMW)

ARC212 Cox Automotive: Results with AWS Well-Architected on 75 platforms

ARV203 Create digital twins using AWS IoT Core and Amazon Sumerian

BLC204 Building enterprise solutions with blockchain technology


See you in Vegas!

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Mark Dipko

Mark Dipko

Mark is the Head of Worldwide Marketing for the Automotive Industry at AWS. He has 25 years of automotive industry experience covering development engineering, corporate and brand strategy, marketing, advanced product development, and innovation. Mark holds a BS in in Mechanical Engineering, MS in Automotive Engineering and MBA in Marketing. His passion is combining customer insights and emerging trends with brand and business strategy to create new and innovative products and solutions.