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AWS re:Invent 2020 manufacturing and industrial customer guide


Although AWS re:Invent routinely fills up the hotels and venues on the Las Vegas strip with standing-room only crowds, this year is different: We are bringing re:Invent to manufacturing and industrial customers with an all-virtual and FREE three-week lineup that begins November 30.

This year’s conference will be rich with many opportunities to learn from innovative AWS manufacturing and industrial customers how they use AWS cloud technologies to benefit their customers and their businesses. We have an exciting program planned, with 5 keynotes, 18 leadership sessions, and more than 500 breakout sessions.

To get the most out of the re:Invent experience, manufacturing and industrial customers can follow these steps:

  1. Register for re:Invent.
  2. Preview the manufacturing and industrial sessions (below), and stay tuned for more information and activities coming soon in our curated Manufacturing re:Invent Attendee Guide.
  3. Bookmark this post, as we’ll continually update it with the latest links and information.

Why should you register for manufacturing sessions at re:Invent?

For more than 25 years, Amazon has designed and manufactured smart products and distributed billions of products through its globally connected distribution network using cutting-edge automation, machine learning and AI, and robotics, with AWS at its core. From product design to smart factory and smart products, learn how AWS can help you transform your manufacturing and industrial operations with the most comprehensive and advanced set of cloud solutions available today, and take advantage of security designed for the most sensitive industries.

Sneak peek: re:Invent manufacturing sessions

Remember to bookmark this preview and check back for direct links to add to your re:Invent schedule.

MFG201: Terex improves quality and optimizes production with AWS

Manufacturers around the world are undergoing digital transformation to operate smarter, improve existing products and invent new ones. Organizations like Terex have been in business for close to a century, and legacy systems and processes can pose significant challenges to digital transformation efforts. In this session, we will focus on the latest trends and solutions around product and production design, adapting your supply chain, and enabling smart factories. Hear from VP of IT – Aerial Work Platforms, Scott McNeal from Genie, a Terex Brand how Genie is digitizing their production and products to drive operational efficiency and new customer offerings.

MFG202: Simulating city-scale transport behavior with AWS

Engineering and planning teams use simulation tools to understand how real world behavior affects their work, but the storage and compute resources required can be costly to maintain on premises. Arup’s City Modelling capability is helping plan for the future using open agent based model (ABM) approaches to simulate individuals’ activity and travel behavior in cities and countries. However, carrying out one ABM scenario for a London-sized city may require writing, storing, and analyzing ~6 Tb of data. Learn how AWS allows simultaneous simulations running in parallel to explore the hyperparameter space and run at the scale required.

MFG301: 3M optimizes global materials tracing with AWS

AWS is helping industrial customers complete their Industry 4.0 journey to transform their business operations. Hear from American multinational conglomerate corporation 3M and learn how it was able to aggregate data from multiple, disparate sources across different functions within the business to create a single supply chain view in an AWS Data Lake. See how users quickly build secure, self-service reporting for questions on raw materials and finished goods, how they glean valuable insights from this data, and how they use it to optimize operations.

MFG302: Hyundai builds smart services and solutions for its connected machinery

Many manufacturers are looking to enhance their customers’ experience, improve quality, and generate new revenue streams for their products with smart services. Learn how to build smart connected product or machine offerings on AWS using IoT and machine learning services, and hear from Hyundai Construction Equipment about its experience building Hyundai Connect, the smart service for heavy equipment machines that makes their customers’ equipment and job site operations more efficient, economic, and convenient.

MFG303: Rivian pushes the pace of automotive innovation with AWS

Rivian is one of America’s most recognizable electric autonomous vehicle manufacturers. As part of setting the pace for global automakers in sustainability and innovation, Rivian envisoned a digital thread to simplify IT operations and unlock innovation. Rivian reshaped its simulation and modeling R&D operations with AWS to decrease time to market. Join this session to learn how Rivian is using open source frameworks, the near limitless scale of AWS compute, and other next-generation AWS technologies to speed engineer and analyst innovations. Also learn how Rivian overcame obstacles and improved the engineering experience while encouraging self-service with cloud-based services and automation.

MFG304: Semiconductor design on AWS with guest speaker Qualcomm

Semiconductor production relies upon resources and partners far beyond what is needed for design and verification. This includes working with tool vendors, IP providers, foundries, contract manufacturing, and consumers. Customers are running advanced node workflows, and leveraging the breadth of services on AWS to enable analytics, AI/ML, and yield management. In this session, Qualcomm will discuss running flows on AWS, and we’ll also outline how AWS is working across the entire semiconductor industry to enable innovation and scale workflows.

IOT291-L: Leadership Session—Connect today, transform tomorrow with AWS IoT

As the proliferation of IoT devices yields an increasingly connected world, device data fuels organizations’ abilities to leverage actionable insights and operate at the speed of software. Regardless of where you are in your digital journey, AWS IoT enables you to securely connect and manage devices, collect and analyze device data, and build and deploy solutions that unlock new possibilities and drive greater business value. In this session, Dirk Didascalou, VP of AWS IoT, shares what’s new with AWS IoT and how organizations are using it to solve real-world challenges today, like deriving consumer insights, creating better user experiences, and improving business operations.

AWS on Air with Georgia-Pacific, Tuesday December 8, 6-6:30 PM PT

Hear Roshan Shah, VP Digital Transformation AI/IoT at Georgia-Pacific, discuss the breadth and depth of the company’s achievements, the mistakes made and learned from, and the eight-figure value added to the bottom line over the last year by leveraging AWS for large volumes of data.

Making industrial transformation a reality, Thursday December 3, 11:45 AM-12:15 PM PT

Improved machine availability, worker productivity, product quality, and responsiveness to customer demand are just some of the benefits of digital transformation for industrial customers, with the ultimate objectives of lowering production costs and growing revenue. In this session, you learn how industrial leaders such as GE Power and Amazon use the AWS Cloud and AI/ML to reinvent industrial manufacturing and supply chain operations.

More sessions of interest for manufacturing and industrial customers

AMZ302: Measuring for change: Carbon footprinting at Amazon scale

AUT201: Transforming the automotive industry with the Industrial Cloud

IOT201: Achieving efficiency in production with Volkswagen Industrial Cloud

IOT205: How Carrier is transforming the cold chain to reduce food and medicine waste

IOT207: AWS at the edge: Using AWS IoT to optimize Amazon wind farms

IOT209: What’s new with AWS IoT Device Management

IOT302: Smart vision for predictive and preventive industrial operations

IOT304: Improving product quality using AWS IoT SiteWise

Data from industrial sites is often untapped because it is locked into on-premises devices and equipment or in proprietary historians. With AWS IoT, you have the ability to build secure, cost-effective, and reliable industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions that ingest real-time streaming data across multiple sites containing both data assets and machine assets. Learn how AWS IoT SiteWise simplifies and automates the process of collecting, organizing, and analyzing industrial data at scale to help you optimize operations with better, data-driven decisions.

IOT306: Managing robot fleets with AWS

Operating and managing fleets of robots in the field can be a challenging task, from automated software updates and remote troubleshooting to orchestrating complex tasks and workflows. Companies often struggle to build reliable and scalable operations workflows to manage, monitor, and safely update robots as their fleet grows. Learn how to securely deploy updates to robots and manage them using a combination of AWS IoT Greengrass, AWS RoboMaker, and other AWS services. The session walks through connecting your robots to the cloud for updates, monitoring, reporting, and performance analysis.

IOT311: Getting to production fast with the AWS Connected Factory Solution

For manufacturers, operational data is notoriously challenging to unlock, with disparate equipment and multiple device protocols. In this session, learn how organizations are able to unlock their data and modernize their manufacturing operations, accelerating Industry 4.0 success, with the AWS Connected Factory Solution. See how you can take advantage of predesigned frameworks and solutions and deployment expertise to get to value quickly, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs.

IOT403: Predicting anomalies before critical failures happen using ML & AWS IoT

The internet of things (IoT) is the connective thread of valuable, differentiated solutions, enabling you to take advantage of powerful technologies such as machine learning (ML). Learn how to use AWS IoT and ML to identify anomalies and predict failure events before they occur. This session illustrates these concept using vibration sensors to gather data from things like rotary pumps, which when combined with ML models can prevent catastrophic conditions from happening in environments like oil and natural gas processing facilities.

LFS304: Streamlining manufacturing and supply chain at Novartis

LFS305: Accelerating regulatory assessments in life sciences manufacturing

MKT201: Accelerate application modernization with off-the-shelf containers, featuring Schneider Electric

ROB301: Reinforcement learning and robotics

Companies are building robots with increasing levels of sophistication and autonomy to work alongside humans. However, programming certain robotics functions for use in dynamic environments can be extremely difficult. Developers have started training machine learning models for robotics functions such as navigation and manipulation of objects with iterative reinforcement learning. This session explains how and for what applications reinforcement learning can be used in robotics. Join the session to learn how developers can use AWS RoboMaker to create and host 3D simulation training environments for reinforcement learning.

STG219: Edge computing innovation with AWS Snowcone and AWS Snowball Edge

ZBF202: Automated corrosion detection using machine learning 

ZCW204: Predictive quality for industrial companies

ZCW205: Connected factory solution drives Industry 4.0 success

ZCW208: Building a connected factory with Volkswagen

AES19: Connecting the world of tomorrow today with 5G edge cloud

BLC202: Customer perspectives on building real-world blockchain applications

BLC203: Building audit-based apps that maintain data integrity with Amazon QLDB

CMP201: What’s new in Amazon EC2

PNU201: Utilities: Utility meter data analytics and quick start demonstration

PNU202: Utilities: PGE’s customer and operational improvement journey with AWS

PNU203: Utilities: Fighting wildfire with artificial intelligence

AIM404: Productionizing R workloads using Amazon SageMaker, featuring Siemens

ENR201: OSDU: Reinventing the energy data platform

ENR202: Data transformation for reservoir characterization

ENR203: How Phillips 66 transformed its business with SAP on AWS

ENR204: Transforming collaboration on major capital projects

ENR205: AWS energy: An accelerator for innovation and transformation

In closing, remember to 1. register for re:Invent, and 2. bookmark this preview and check back for times and direct links to manufacturing and industrial sessions as the catalog is released.

AWS Industrial/Manufacturing

AWS Industrial/Manufacturing

Scot Wlodarczak

Scot Wlodarczak

Scot joined AWS in July 2018 as an industry marketer. Scot worked previously at Cisco, and Rockwell Automation where he held roles as Industrial Marketing Manager and Regional Marketing Leader. Scot markets to industrial customers to help guide them on their digital transformation journey, and bridging the gap between IT and operations. He has experience in automation across a wide range of industries. Scot holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from SUNY - Buffalo, and an MBA from Colorado University. He lives in Colorado.