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New Compliance Guide: NERC CIP standards for BES Cyber System Information on AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is pleased to release a new Compliance Guide to help support customers who are subject to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards for BES Cyber System Information (BCSI). Download the guide here. The Compliance Guide helps utility companies understand options for designing and deploying AWS Cloud solutions and architectures to protect their BCSI.

In December 2021, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved the revised CIP-004-7 and CIP-011-3 standards. The approved revisions modified the CIP requirements for protecting BCSI to provide a path to modern third-party data storage and analysis systems, including cloud technology. These changes allow entities to store, transmit, and use BCSI in the cloud when security and compliance controls are in place and can be demonstrated during a compliance-monitoring and enforcement process.

The Compliance Guide describes key concepts for customers who are considering BCSI workloads on AWS:

  • electronic technical methods to protect and securely handle BCSI, including logical isolation and encryption
  • administrative methods to protect electronic BCSI, including independent certifications and customer and service-level agreements
  • methods for authorizing, verifying, and removing provisioned access to BCSI
  • AWS automation mechanisms to support governance and compliance at scale, and
  • AWS resources, including an AWS NERC CIP BCSI Reference Architecture, Operational Best Practices for NERC CIP BCSI Conformance Pack, and two example BCSI use cases.

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Ranjan Banerji

Ranjan Banerji

Ranjan Banerji is a Principal Partner Solutions Architect at AWS focused on the power and utilities vertical. Ranjan has been at AWS for seven years, first on the Department of Defense (DoD) team helping the branches of the DoD migrate and/or build new systems on AWS ensuring security and compliance requirements and now supporting the power and utilities team. Ranjan's expertise ranges from serverless architecture to security and compliance for regulated industries. Ranjan has over 25 years of experience building and designing systems for the DoD, federal agencies, energy, and financial industry.

Kristine Martz

Kristine Martz

Kristine Martz is a member of the AWS security assurance team working as a power and utilities sector specialist. She is a 12-year veteran of the power and utility industry. Kristine helps utility customers adopt cloud solutions for regulated workloads in a secure and compliant way.