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Onebeat harnesses AI to optimize demand forecasting and boost sell-through

Understanding your customers’ needs and preferences is more than just a gut instinct; it’s a science. To craft the perfect product mix, you need to dive deep into customer data and extract valuable insights. This is where modern merchandising and planning solutions come in, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). These tools offer you a scientific way to make informed decisions regarding inventory allocations and movements. They help you align your product availability with customer demand—ultimately boosting sales profitability.

Unleash the Power of Onebeat’s AI

Onebeat, an AWS Retail Competency Partner, has an all-encompassing software as a service (SaaS) execution engine designed specifically for in-season optimization. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Onebeat ensures your products are available at the right place and the right time to stimulate full-price sales.

Experience the Three Pillars of Success: Availability, Assortment, and Freshness

Onebeat’s solution stands on the shoulders of three fundamental pillars that shape your inventory and merchandise plan: availability, assortment, and freshness. Onebeat’s advanced AI algorithms not only drive planning but optimize the merchandise flow from initial allocations to in-season operation. By aligning your store’s stock mix to sell products at full price, you can seize opportunities at the early stages of each season, driving an average increase of 10-15% in sell-through rates.

The solution comes in a variety of configurations, each designed to cater to a specific need:

  • Dynamic Inventory Targets: AI algorithms provide daily consumption pattern analysis per SKU based on customer behavior.
  • Smart Replenishment: Automate your replenishment process and prioritize stores based on actual sales potential.
  • Best Seller Utilization: Protect sales by leveraging the potential of fast-moving items.
  • Special Events: Optimize inventory levels during promotions, shopping days, and holidays.
  • Store Transfers: Rebalance inventory between stores and consolidate broken sets.
  • Initial Allocations: Set optimal initial allocations for new products or stores by learning consumption patterns of existing inventory.
  • Business Intelligence: A self-service business intelligence (BI) system for flexible data analysis and visualization.

Pioneering Innovation in the Fast-Paced Retail Industry

Onebeat is committed to helping retailers, wholesalers, and brands achieve excellent results through operational excellence and innovation. By harnessing the power of AI and AWS, Onebeat enables retailers to make informed decisions, automate merchandising processes, and unlock your inventory’s full potential.

The solution integrates seamlessly with your existing setup and leverages data to deliver powerful insights and predictions for your business.

Onebeat is currently offering a complimentary assessment of your inventory health, available through the AWS Marketplace. This assessment allows you to understand the potential benefits that Onebeat can bring to your operations without disturbing your existing processes.

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AWS Partner Spotlight

Onebeat is revolutionizing legacy SCM solutions by replacing them with modern, AI-enabled solutions. Onebeat solutions are trusted by over 170 retailers across 26 countries in various retail sectors, from fashion and footwear to jewelry and beverages. Onebeat has transformed the traditional retail market scenario with their innovative approach, enabling retailers to enjoy increased full-price sales and higher margins, all while using less capital.

Daniele Stroppa

Daniele Stroppa

Daniele is the EMEA Technical Lead for AWS Partners in Retail & CPG. In his role, Daniele is responsible for solutions architecture and technical strategy for Retail & CPG technology and consulting partners on AWS. He’s been with AWS for nine years, covering roles in the Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) team as well as in the Solutions Architecture teams. Daniele’s also passionate about software development and helping developers delivering the best results.

Marco Kormann Rodrigues

Marco Kormann Rodrigues

Marco Kormann Rodrigues is the EMEA Retail Partner Solution Lead at AWS. In his role he recruits, develops and markets partner solutions to the retail industry. Prior to joining AWS, Marco spent years as a consultant implementing SAP for CPG brands and retailers, and more recently analytics SaaS product development for retailers. He holds a BSc in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh and an MSc in Information Systems Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris.

Shani Abramovich-Volkovitz

Shani Abramovich-Volkovitz

Shani serves as the VP of Partnerships and Alliances at Onebeat. In this role, she manages strategic alliances and oversees business development initiatives. With a background in the cloud ecosystem, Shani's expertise lies in establishing effective partnerships. Additionally, she advocates for consultants and consulting firms in the retail sector to incorporate real-time data into their strategies, enabling more efficient engagements with retail clients.