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re:Invent – Financial Services Track: Week One Highlights + Coming Attractions

The Financial Services track for AWS re:Invent 2020 shares how AWS customers in the capital markets, banking, payments, and insurance sectors are turning this year’s challenges into upsides—and Building for the future.

This weekly roundup will showcase highlights from the prior week and spotlight upcoming attractions for the Financial Services track.

With a total of 56 Financial Services-focused sessions available across all tracks and programs, visit the AWS re:Invent 2020 – Financial Services Industry Guide blog to maximize your conference experience. There, you can download the full Financial Services Attendee Guide to get further information on industry sessions, activities, and “how to re:Invent.”

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Financial Services Track Replays – Week of November 30th

FSI201: Financial Services: Navigating change while facing forward, with HSBC (December 1, 11:30 am EST)
During the pandemic, financial institutions have harnessed new technologies to meet the needs of consumers and businesses. Learn about HSBC’s collaboration with AWS to deliver new solutions and drive continued industry transformation. Featuring Dinesh Keswani, Group CTO, HSBC, joining Frank Fallon, VP of Financial Services, AWS. Watch on demand.

FSI202: JPMorgan Chase: Migrations at scale through cloud blueprints and automation (December 2, 9:00 am EST)
JPMorgan Chase is accelerating their cloud migration by leveraging reusable Cloud Blueprints—which are standardized, automated, secure, and repeatable cloud architectures that can be deployed for common uses cases. Hear how they defined their initial blueprints; threat modeling, and risk-mitigation controls—and standardized their offerings using AWS and infrastructure as code technologies to provide self-service capabilities to developers. Featuring JR Reid, Head of Cloud Engineering, and Rahul Arya, Managing Director, Global Head of Solutions Architecture, JPMorgan Chase with Bernie Herdan, Global Account Solutions Architect, AWS. View on demand.

Voice of the Customer: Goldman Sachs (December 2, 2:40 pm EST)
Last year at re:Invent, Goldman Sachs shared how they successfully migrated their Global Investment Research Portal to AWS, creating a secure and resilient hybrid architecture. This AWS On Air session focuses on how Goldman Sachs evolved this architecture, moving from a hybrid to a pure multi-region deployment in AWS, enabling Investment Research to exist as a Goldman Sachs data center. This session covers: event-based architecture, multi-region approach, and AWS managed services. Victoria Ledda, Managing Director, Investment Research Engineering, Goldman Sachs speaks with Nicholas Walsh, Senior Technical Evangelist, AWS. AWS On Air features livestreams with news, demos, interviews, and more from re:Invent, Tuesday through Thursday, weekly. View sessions on demand.

Upcoming Financial Track Sessions – Week of December 7th 

FSI302: Security at scale: How Goldman Sachs manages access control (December 10, 1:45 pm EST)
Goldman Sachs is harnessing AWS to launch new businesses. We’ll walk you through the evolution of the financial firm’s micro-account architecture and network design to manage access control. Learn how AWS solutions make it easy for development teams to establish connections between accounts, while retaining connection-level visibility, isolation boundary, and enforcement of least privilege to ensure optimal security. The speakers are Robert Cossin, VP, and Sujoy Saha, Associate, Goldman Sachs; and Harsha Sharma, Global Account SA, AWS. Watch on the session page.

FSI203: AXA: Rearchitecting with serverless to accelerate innovation (December 9, 8:00 am EST)
More than 50,000 customers use AXA’s usage-based, pay-as-you-drive insurance solution, which requires real-time data processing and analytics to generate a driver score (each moving car sends an update every second). This session shares how AXA built its serverless solution, lessons the company learned, and benefits it is realizing from its architecture upgrade. Vincent Hiribarren, Lead Architect, AXA and Xavier Loup, Global Solutions Architect, AWS present. View on the session page.


Robin Liebowitz

Robin Liebowitz

Robin Liebowitz is Head of Worldwide Marketing for the Financial Services Industry at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Immediately before joining AWS, Robin was Head of Marketing, Financial Services Innovation, Digital Transformation, and Emerging Technology at Ernst & Young. Earlier in her career, Robin held senior management roles both in the US and internationally within Deloitte, Marsh & McLennan, Zurich Insurance Group, and Grey Advertising. She is a yoga enthusiast and avid kayaker.