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Reinventing Energy with Energy Data Insights™ on AWS for the OSDU® Data Platform

Geological Layers

A reliable and secure energy supply is at the heart of today’s world. Oil and gas companies are facing a perfect storm of operational and business challenges. Transition to renewable energy sources, volatile commodity prices, increasingly strict environmental regulations, increasing geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainty, and all amidst pressure to sustainably find, produce and refine hydrocarbons for a growing global population.

However, recently published studies indicate that pre-drill assessments of geological probability of success, and success-case resource volumes have not improved over the last 30 years1. Overestimation of geological risk, and lower discovery rates and volumes are named as contributing factors. Such lagging is hindered by multiple causes such as low learning from historical data and experiences, proper assessment methodologies, low technical understanding and workflows, lack of appropriate software, and scattered, low quality data.

Those industry challenges exist on a global scale, and it takes innovation and collaboration on a global scale to address them. The best way to innovate and collaborate is openly, in the cloud, with a common standard that empowers as many stakeholders as possible to come together and reinvent energy. That is exactly what customers are already starting to do, backed by the global OSDU community, the capabilities of the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, and by the deep industry expertise of AWS.

Fortunately, there is massive amounts of data available to help tackle these challenges. Unfortunately, much of that data is trapped in silos across disparate systems, workstreams, and/or subject to data residency restrictions, preventing the kind of global collaboration, innovation and problem-solving the industry desperately needs.

That is why AWS’ commitment to the OSDU® Data Platform is so important: by committing to OSDU as an open source standard, AWS can support collaborative innovation, industrialize data management, and accelerate time to market for game-changing new solutions—on a global scale. In fact, it is refreshing to witness the growing number of compelling and innovative use cases for OSDU through the entire value chain from exploration, to reservoir, to production and beyond.

But it all starts with understanding the underlying data challenges we need to tackle.

The real challenge to solve: A common standard for global collaboration and innovation

There is a staggering amount of data coming from a growing range of sources across every part of the oil and gas value chain. Mega seismic survey demands, more accurate and in-depth reservoir models, more production and operations control in real time, and the transition to autonomous operations create petabytes, if not exabytes, of data our industry have not seen before. Yet, this has led to an increasing fragmentation of data standards and workflows that not only threatens data trust and reliability, but even more importantly, prevents ecosystems of innovators and problem-solvers from working with a single version of the truth and collaborating on a global scale.

A cloud-based approach to OSDU allows the global community to collaborate and innovate, at scale and speed. We must empower geoscientists, engineers, data scientists and analysts, application developers and data visualization providers, even those very early on the journey, or not in the OSDU community yet, to work together in the cloud and reinvent how we do energy exploration.

In a nutshell, it takes a global network of innovators working with a consistent universe of data to help oil and gas companies transition, transform and reinvent their businesses. And we’re already seeing some amazing work from innovative energy companies running Energy Data Insights™ for the OSDU® Data Platform on AWS.

Reinventing Energy with Energy Data Insights on AWS

In our relentless commitment to OSDU, we have recently launched Energy Data Insights™ on AWS (EDI). EDI, is an open-source, standard-based, fully managed, enterprise-level energy data platform compliant to the OSDU Technical Standard.

AWS customers are already seeing a number of near-term benefits from OSDU, including:

  • $69M in savings per year by running OSDU across exploration, alone, from the time saved by geoscience departments
  • 50% improvement to data search workflows and discovery times
  • 50x – 100x efficiency gains, as interpretation workflows went from 40 days to 3 days, and fault seal analysis accelerated from 20 days to 1 day
  • 3x performance improvement for deep learning subsurface applications
  • Seamless collaboration across JVs and investors
  • Seamless integration with machine learning and NLP engines to support AI applications

That is only just scratching the surface. On Energy Data Insights for the OSDU Data Platform, customers can achieve long-term value in the form of:

1. Innovation and insights across every piece of the value chain

EDI works through the oil and gas value chain giving geoscientists and engineers access to insights when they need it most. With data free of silos, EDI gives you a space for collaboration to bring new and engaging ways of visualizing and interacting with your data, extracting insights and clear answers from your information which enables optimizations and improved decision making across multiple disciplines and stakeholders.

2. Truly global collaboration with a single version of the truth

Data interoperability is a must across all your data sources, applications, workflows and business processes. It is also needed to drive collaboration and innovation across your own operations from in-house exploration, reservoir, field development and production teams, to oilfield service providers, to consulting and technology partners — including innovative young startups and applications providers.  The only way to empower global collaboration across this entire ecosystem of innovators is to give them a single version of the truth. EDI is helping oil and gas customers achieve new levels of global collaboration by breaking down data silos, whether it’s all in the cloud, in a hybrid cloud, or on-premises. It is amazing what customers are able to accomplish when they empower truly global collaboration with a single version of the truth.

3. Data quality that leads to deeper insights … and results

With EDI on AWS, you have the data tools for management and quality assurance of your data to get to the levels of data standard you need, supporting the best possible insights for decision-making. That trust in the data, combined with the speed of EDI on AWS, results in faster and more meaningful insights and collaboration across your geoscientists and engineers.

4. The ability to de-risk and accelerate your OSDU journey

By partnering with AWS, more and more customers are leveraging our insights and expertise to de-risk and accelerate their OSDU journey, achieving a faster time to value with their OSDU investments, and establishing a long-term platform for global collaboration and innovation for years to come. Energy Data Insights on AWS, ready-to-deploy approach, proactive managed services, dynamic data mapping, automated data ingestion using machine learning springboards your OSDU journey.

5. Mission-critical groundwork for successful generative AI deployments

In addition, the rise of generative AI means it is even more important to invest in data platforms like OSDU. Data plays a vital role in enhancing the accuracy of generative AI models. Data in silos will give you a fragmented, distorted and incomplete view of what is happening across your operations. The availability of large and high-quality datasets allows the models to learn intricate details, resulting in more precise and realistic outputs. The OSDU data platform can de-risk your generative AI initiatives and accelerate your time to value.

These are just some of the transformative capabilities oil and gas companies are investing in. And they’re quickly discovering why working with AWS makes such an important difference.

Unleashing your potential with Energy Data Insights on AWS

Energy Data Insights™ on AWS brings unique levels of innovation so that you can unleash the kind of collaboration and innovation at scale needed to tackle your big challenges.

EDI IQ, Smart Data Ingestion

  • EDI IQ solves two tough and challenging tasks: 1) mapping data is very hard, and 2) ingesting data efficiently and effectively is harder. EDI IQ provides automated data mapping from source to OSDU through generative AI and machine learning. EDI IQ then ingests your subsurface data faster and more effectively. Its parallel computing capabilities takes full advantage of the cloud to ingest your data much faster. Its auto data lineage metadata is created so that you know where your data comes from. EDI IQ gets your data into the OSDU Data Platform in weeks, not in years, so your exploration and engineering teams can start collaborating and innovating fast. And this is not all for EDI IQ, at all.

EDI Transformer

  • New generation applications are likely to speak the OSDU language. But most likely, you have a myriad of critical subsurface and engineering applications that are not yet OSDU ready, preventing you from realizing the full potential of OSDU, or even holding you back from beginning your journey. EDI Transformer uses the power of generative AI to let you use all of your in-house and third- party applications with OSDU regardless of their OSDU compatibility level. EDI Transformer is also trained to recognize your legacy non-OSDU data formats, convert them to data types supported by the OSDU data model, auto-generate the manifest and ingest to OSDU. This way, your exploration and engineering teams can continue to use their applications, data and formats, and drive the kind of global collaboration and innovation needed through your ecosystem to resolve your toughest challenges.

EDI Anywhere

  • Your assets, teams and resources operate globally. In cases where your operations are located in countries where data sovereignty prohibits locating strategic data outside the country, EDI Anywhere meets your business operating needs by enabling on cloud, hybrid, in-country or on-premises deployments globally. EDI Anywhere gives customers the ability to have an OSDU instance that is fully on cloud, hybrid or disconnected from the cloud running on an in-country data center, as needed, giving them the flexibility and compliance, they need.

EDI Workbench

  • Understanding, interpreting and modelling your assets demand unique innovative science and engineering models and techniques. And that is when your ecosystem needs to collaborate to create those unique models. EDI Workbench streamlines your data collection, analysis, and interpretation processes, enabling quicker creation of those unique models, without getting bogged down by specific OSDU syntaxes and technicalities while preserving your data security policies and OSDU referential integrity. Not only that, but Amazon CodeWhisperer, our AI-powered code generator, is now trained on OSDU, providing your data scientists and developers with code recommendations in real time simplifying and accelerating application creation. That way you can collaborate with your partners to rapidly build impactful, tailored models to support your business decisions.

EDI Lightning

  • Innovation is not only technology, but also how it is deployed to empower your business. Successful implementation and adoption require alignment with your business goals. EDI Lightning is a deployment method that puts you at the center to identify the most impactful cases to achieve your exploration and production goals, and to accelerate the deployment, implementation, adoption and continuous improvement of OSDU across your organization. EDI Lightning makes OSDU deployment faster and easier.

100% secure computing with the AWS Nitro System

  • Global collaboration and joint ventures are vital to exploration, drilling and production, but so is confidence in the security and privacy of everyone’s data. And we take it very seriously. I mean very seriously. The AWS Nitro System is the underlying security platform for all modern computing instances. It is a collection of building block technologies, including AWS-built hardware offload and security components to protect your data in compute, in memory, in storage and in the network. We announced a new independent third party validation which confirms that the AWS Nitro System, by design, has no mechanism for anyone at AWS to access customer data on Nitro hosts. This enables us to update the AWS Service Terms covering the Nitro controls that prevent operator access. AWS Nitro brings truly unique security capabilities that help protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data and workloads. Energy Data Insights on AWS inherently takes full advantage of AWS Cloud Security and AWS Nitro Systems to protect our customer’s data at computing, in memory, at rest and in transit.

And all this is barely the start. Energy Data Insights for the OSDU Data Platform on AWS brings so many more innovations and capabilities to help your company overcome current operational and business challenges, and transition to sustainable energy sources while raising up to fulfill the increasing demand to find, produce and refine hydrocarbons for our ever growing society.

It takes a global ecosystem of innovators working with a consistent universe of data to help oil and gas companies transition, transform and reinvent their businesses.

1 Source: Pre-drill Assessments and Drilling Outcomes in Mexico in 2018–2022, (Milkov et al., 2022).
Cross-Border Themes in Petroleum Geology.  Historical Experience from Norway and the Netherlands (Patruno et al., 2022). DOI
James Aguas

James Aguas

James Aguas is a Business Development Lead for AWS Energy, specializing in energy data platforms, with over 20 years of experience in technology and upstream. He collaborates with exploration & production customers through their data modernization and data-driven transformation journey. James leads the AWS OSDU® Data Platform for the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Oceania. James also engages in generative AI applications in Upstream to drive efficiencies, automation, and transformative user experiences. James holds an MBA from Canada, an Engineering degree from Colombia, and he is a current Master's (ALM) degree candidate in Sustainability at Harvard University.