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See how Capital One is using AWS machine learning at scale to transform banking and payments

Capital One has been a disrupter in the financial services industry since 1994, using technology to transform banking and payments. Today, the “digital bank” is all in on Amazon Web Services (AWS), embracing data analytics, microservices, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other solutions to continue to innovate.

We have successfully exited all of our data centers and gone all in on AWS, enabling instant provisioning of architecture and rapid innovation. We are now able to manage data at a much larger scale and unlock the power of machine learning to deliver enhanced customer experiences. On AWS, our technology teams are freed to focus on what they do best: building great software and delivering innovation to our customers.”

Rob Alexander
Chief Information Officer, Capital One

Here are some of the stories of innovation at Capital One that you’ll find:

Capital One Completes Migration from Data Centers to AWS, Becomes First US Bank to Announce Going All In on the Cloud

Capital One exited eight on-premises data centers by migrating to AWS, transforming the customer experience in the process. Founded in 1994, the “digital bank” uses technology to help its customers succeed.

Capital One Brings Sustainability to Its Cloud Migration

When Capital One decided to move to the cloud, it established a plan for responsibly disposing of its data center equipment. As it migrated, the company recycled 41 tons of copper and 62 tons of steel and removed a total of 13.5 million feet of cable from its last three data centers. Capital One expects to save 10 megawatts of power, the equivalent of 650,000 LED light bulbs, per year by exiting its data centers. It also recycled decommissioned assets in novel ways and reduced its carbon footprint by powering down its data centers.

Building on AWS helps Capital One to continue to innovate and attract top talent.  Get more insights on how it continues to innovate by building on AWS by visiting the Capital One Innovator page.

Petra Lewis

Petra Lewis

Petra E. Lewis is a content specialist for the Global Customer References Program (GCRP)'s Storytelling group at AWS. She is a seasoned marketing communications professional who worked in financial services prior to entering tech. Her last financial services role was vice president and head of Internal Communications for a top-10 global investment bank.