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Digitizing paper intake forms to deliver accurate, structured patient data

Even in this digital age, when healthcare systems are building out digital front doors, many providers require patients to fill out paper forms or questionnaires in writing at the time of their appointment. Additionally, patients bring pre-filled paper forms containing text from another provider which require processing. Back-office staff are expected to read the forms […]

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Deriving AI/ML-driven insights from healthcare data using Amazon HealthLake

Derive AI/ML-driven insights from healthcare data using Amazon HealthLake

Last year, we announced Amazon HealthLake, a new HIPAA-eligible service for healthcare providers, health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies to securely store, transform, query, analyze, and share health data in the cloud, at petabyte scale. We launched HealthLake to address one of the key challenges that the health industry – from healthcare payers to life […]

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Introducing AWS for Health – Accelerating innovation from benchtop to bedside

Healthcare and life science organizations are moving towards digital transformation to decrease the cost of care, improve collaboration, make data-driven clinical and operational decisions, and enable faster development of new therapeutics and treatment paths. Identifying the right cloud technology to reach these goals can be challenging, and many organizations lack the internal resourcing and expertise […]

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