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Introducing AWS for Health – Accelerating innovation from benchtop to bedside

Healthcare and life science organizations are moving towards digital transformation to decrease the cost of care, improve collaboration, make data-driven clinical and operational decisions, and enable faster development of new therapeutics and treatment paths. Identifying the right cloud technology to reach these goals can be challenging, and many organizations lack the internal resourcing and expertise to assess, build, and deploy their own solutions. As a highly regulated and complex industry, various global compliance requirements can further complicate healthcare and life science organizations’ moves to implement digital initiatives.

To help customers accelerate their transformation, we are introducing AWS for Health, an offering of curated AWS services and AWS Partner Network solutions used by thousands of healthcare and life sciences customers globally. AWS for Health provides proven and easily accessible capabilities that help organizations increase the pace of innovation, unlock the potential of health data, and develop more personalized approaches to therapeutic development and care. AWS for Health simplifies the process for healthcare and life science enterprises and innovative startups to identify industry-leading, cloud-based solutions across 16 critical solution areas in Healthcare, Genomics, and Biopharma. For example, solutions offered in AWS for Health are helping customers create holistic Electronic Health Records to help clinicians make data-driven care plans, accelerate research and discovery to bring new therapies to market faster, and power population genomic initiatives to expand precision medicine accessibility.

“We are creating a frictionless and culturally competent care environment for patients, physicians, and the entire care team by migrating our entire digital health care ecosystem to the AWS Cloud. This enables our Wellforce team to integrate data-driven intelligence into everyday health and care that is more secure, resilient, and simple to use.” – Dr. Shafiq Rab, Chief Digital Officer & CIO, Wellforce

Health systems are looking for ways to decrease operational costs, improve health data interoperability, and enable data-driven decision making for clinicians to improve access to quality care. By taking the lead in digital health transformation, Wellforce is estimated to save as much as 20% annually (approximately $3 USD million) through the modernization of the healthcare IT ecosystem on AWS. Learn more.


"The science behind mRNA medicines is advancing at a rapid pace, and building Moderna’s technology platform on AWS gives our scientists the insights, agility, and security they need to continue to lead in the industry.”– Stéphane Bancel,Chief Executive Officer, ModernaBiopharma and medical device organizations also look to accelerate therapeutic discovery and scale their manufacturing and commercialization globally by leveraging cloud-based technology and solutions. Moderna uses a broad range of AWS services to support every aspect of its digital, data-driven operations, with the goal of reducing the time and cost of bringing new life-saving therapies to market. Moderna has demonstrated the power of its cloud-based strategy in the speed with which it delivered its highly effective COVID-19 vaccine and its capacity to scale production globally. Learn more.

“In the era of mega-biobanks, we need to rethink how we analyze the data. The vast amount of genomic data is just too big and too complex to be moved around. Instead, we can harness AWS to bring the analysis to the data, ensuring security without compromising scalability or speed.” – Denis Bauer, Group Lead, CSIRO


Genomics and healthcare organizations strive to bring personalized medicine to the point-of-care by combining clinical information with genomic data. Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) uses AWS to extract meaningful insights from vast pools of genomic data and provide industry access to its tools, offering the building blocks to support widespread implementation of personalized medicine to patients. Learn more.

AWS for Health centralizes and simplifies how Healthcare and Life Science customers identify the right solution to address their business challenges. When accessing AWS for Health, customers discover a unified view across AWS services, solutions, AWS Partner solutions, and customer success stories. Customers can navigate to their industry and associated solution areas, and find curated solution offerings and various implementation options, such as accessing via AWS Marketplace, directly from AWS Partners, or through the health-focused AWS Professional Services team. Simplified access to solutions and health industry experts helps customers quickly achieve business outcomes across common healthcare and life science workloads, from benchtop research to using data for bedside clinical decision support — supporting use cases like Rush University Medical Center, which uses AWS for health data interoperability, decreasing costs, generating operational insights, and collaborating with data to positively impact patient care.

“We’ve partnered with AWS to harness disparate health data from across Chicago’s hospitals to create holistic insights to help guide when and where and to whom care is needed for. With Amazon HealthLake and partner solutions from AWS for Health, Rush is able to focus less on building technology to achieve this and focus more on our mission to personalize care and improve health equity for individuals that we serve.”– Bala Hota, MD, Vice President, Chief Analytics Officer, Rush University Medical Center

Let’s take a look at how this initiative aligns services, solutions, and partners across key solution areas in Healthcare, Genomics, and Biopharma:

AWS solution areas in Healthcare

Healthcare solutions iconOrganizations in the heavily-regulated healthcare industry must keep information secure and private as they work to unlock the potential of health data and enhance patient-centered care. AWS empowers health organizations to accelerate the digitization and utilization of their data with purpose-built AWS and AWS Partner solutions, on the most secure and reliable cloud platform.

For over a decade, the dedicated AWS team of healthcare professionals and seasoned industry experts have collaborated with health organizations to design and deploy solutions with a unified goal in-mind: improving patient outcomes.

To learn more about Healthcare solutions, visit Healthcare Solutions.

Healthcare solution areas diagram

“Using AWS for Health has enabled us to provide the highest quality and most advanced care in a safe environment for our kiddos and create an experience that delights our providers and associates.” – Adam Gold, CTO, Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)

"With AWS, we’ve been able to migrate multiple Electronic Patient Record solutions (EPR) to the cloud, which increases the security, performance, and reliability for our hospital customers, and allows us to offer EPR solutions as a managed service." – Andrea Fiumicelli, CEO, Dedalus GroupClinical Information Systems: A reliable, performant clinical system is the foundation of patient-centric care, arming providers with the insights and tools to improve health outcomes. AWS and AWS Partners help clinical teams leverage solutions that aggregate, store, manage, and transmit healthcare data across the entire continuum of care to optimize costs, improve performance, and automate core processes to remove burdens from clinicians. Access curated solutions and services from AWS Partners such as Ambra, GE Healthcare, Dedalus, Proscia, and Philips.

Healthcare Analytics & AI/ML: AWS enables healthcare and life science organizations to easily deploy analytics and machine learning (ML) tools to derive insights from their health data. With Amazon Comprehend Medical, a purpose-built artificial intelligence (AI) services for vision, transcription, natural language processing, and document understanding, and Amazon SageMaker, the most comprehensive ML service, organizations can use analytics and ML to address a range of health industry issues, from reducing the rising cost of healthcare to reducing physician burnout. Transform data into a strategic asset with AWS and AWS Partner solutions for analytics & AI/ML. Access curated solutions and services from AWS Partners such as Cerner, Change Healthcare, hc1, Virtusa, 3M, Arcadia, and Innovaccer.

"We’ve built a service on AWS that enables us not only to build products that create an intuitive experience but also to integrate third parties that are not built on our stack. On AWS, the low-cost threshold, the scalability, and the ability to stage solutions very quickly helped us adopt a game-changing culture of speed and innovation.” – Laurent Rotival, Senior Vice President of Strategic Technology Solutions and Chief Information Officer, Cambia Health SolutionsPatient & Clinician Experience: Improve patient, member, and clinician experiences — whether it’s to relieve clinician burnout with voice-to-text solutions, or to give providers and patients access to virtual care options. AWS and AWS Partner solutions offer real-time voice and video communications, AI/ML, and personalization so you can scale, innovate, and operate to improve the patient and clinician experience. Access curated solutions and services from AWS Partners such as Pariveda, Emopti, 3M, and Veritas.

Medical Research: AWS provides cost-effective, scalable, and secure compute, storage, and database capabilities to accelerate time to science from bench to bedside. Researchers share their results with collaborators around the world. AWS and AWS Partners also gives researchers access to open datasets, funding, and training to accelerate the pace of innovation. Access curated solutions and services from AWS Partners such as Deloitte, Slalom, Virtusa, and Leidos.

Finance & Operations: Solutions for finance and operations in healthcare proactively look for ways to restructure costs and keep them aligned with operational expenses. This ultimately protects the ability to put patients, customers, and partners first, while also protecting the bottom line. Access curated solutions and services from AWS Partners such as Infor, Change Healthcare, and Cognizant.

Core Healthcare IT: AWS and AWS Partner solutions make it easy to roll out virtualized environments, deploy disaster recovery plans, address fluctuating storage needs, and improve operational performance system-wide — so healthcare organizations can put their focus on the patient. In an industry where seconds matter, AWS helps address core health IT challenges while operating securely in a highly regulated industry with global standards. Access curated solutions and services from AWS Partners such as Infor, Accenture, Intersystems, Deloitte, Orion Health, ClearDATA, Cloudticity, VMware, Commvault, and Philips.

“Clients continue to seek embedded workflow tools that will improve clinical, financial and operational outcomes. Cerner technology, in collaboration with AWS, provides strategic levers that help enable these outcomes through enhanced interoperability and data management that will amplify better, smarter care.” – Jerome Labat, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Cerner

AWS solution areas in Genomics

Genomics solutions icon

Accelerate scientific discoveries, power business agility, and ensure security and compliance across the genomics workflow with industry solutions designed to help translate samples into actionable insights and scientific breakthroughs. Explore offerings across solution areas in genomics.

To learn more about genomics solutions, visit Genomics Solutions.



Genomics solution areas

Genomics Data Transfer & Storage: The volume and velocity of genomic data continues to increase in response to reduced sequencing costs and broader adoption. AWS and AWS Partners offer solutions to help organizations optimize data management, reduce storage costs, access industry data, and collaborate securely. Access curated solutions and services from AWS and AWS Partners such as Illumina, DNAnexus, SevenBridges, Lifebit, and BioTeam.

Secondary Analysis & Workflow Automation: Transforming raw sequencing data into impactful insights is a compute, time, and data-intensive process, starting with translating sequencing data into variant calls. AWS and AWS Partners offer solutions for scalable, cost-effective data analysis, and simplified orchestration for running and automating workflows for secondary analysis. Access curated solutions and services from AWS and AWS Partners such as DNAnexus, Illumina, NVIDIA, Seqera Labs, and Seven Bridges.

Data Aggregation & Governance: Successful genomics research and interpretation depend on diverse, multi-modal datasets. AWS simplifies aggregating, storing, querying, analyzing, and governing genomics datasets in a compliant manner. AWS also provides robust data access controls and permissions to maintain data integrity as more collaborators and stakeholders come onboard. Access curated solutions and services from AWS Partners such as Roche, Paradigm4, DNAnexus, Illumina, Accenture, Slalom, and ClearDATA.

"We knew that putting the data generated from the 100,000 Genome Project into the hands of the research community would play a vital role in accelerating scientific breakthroughs, and we’re working to migrate our research and clinical tools, alongside our data to the AWS Cloud to do just that. By hosting on AWS, we can democratize access to our data. All researchers need is a small budget to fund compute costs and access to a compute.” – Pete Sinden, CIO, Genomics England

Tertiary Analysis & ML: Interpreting genomic data is a data-heavy discipline requiring robust compute resources. Using ML and high-performance computing, AWS and AWS Partner solutions turn data into biological insight. Gain greater computing efficiency at scale, reproducible data processing, data integration capabilities for pulling in multi-modal datasets, and public data for clinical annotation—all in a compliance-ready environment. Access curated solutions and services from AWS Partners such as Seven Bridges, Illumina, Databricks, Paradigm4, and DNAnexus.

“In the era of mega-biobanks, we need to rethink how we analyze the data. The vast amount of genomic data is just too big and too complex to be moved around. Instead, we can harness AWS to bring the analysis to the data, ensuring security without compromising scalability or speed.” – Denis Bauer, Group Lead, CSIRO

Clinical Genomics: With insights from patient genetic codes, researchers and clinicians can make more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatment decisions faster. Industry leaders around the world rely on AWS and AWS Partner solutions to find meaning in genomics and help individuals with diagnosis and treatment decisions. Access curated solutions and services from AWS Partners such as DNAnexus, SevenBridges, Roche, and Qiagen.

“Genomics—next-generation sequencing (NGS) in particular—are the foundation for personalized medicine. The ability to rapidly and inexpensively sequence entire genomes in individuals and populations drives innovations: non-invasive pregnancy testing, rare disease diagnoses, advanced tumor testing, and many others. For the last decade, we've collaborated with AWS to provide secure and scalable tools and services to researchers around the globe to power these innovations. The AWS for Health initiative supports our mission of improving human health by unlocking the power of the genome.” – Susan Tousi, Chief Commercial Officer, Illumina

Solution areas in Biopharma

biopharma solution area icon

From R&D through commercialization, biopharma organizations modernize every stage of the value chain to bring advanced and advanced therapeutics to market faster with the help of AWS. Services and solutions from AWS and AWS Partners enable the modernization of every aspect of the biopharma value chain, with industry solutions designed to help organizations quickly and efficiently develop, trial, manufacture, and commercialize therapeutics while meeting the most stringent security and compliance regulations. Explore offerings across the entire biopharma value chain.

To learn more about biopharma solutions, visit Biopharma Solutions.

AWS for biopharma diagram

Research & Discovery: De-risk portfolios by quickly identifying viable target molecules using on-demand, cost-effective, high-performance computing power and AI/ML capabilities on an extensive cloud infrastructure. AWS delivers the broadest range of compute and storage options to optimize costs and performance, while analytics services maximize data liquidity and prime datasets for research management, collaboration, and ML. Access curated solutions and services from AWS Partners such as OpenEye Scientific, Schrodinger, IDBS, Dotmatics, and Tetrascience.

Clinical Trial Development: Power the entire clinical trial development process—design effective trials using analytics and ML capabilities, enable virtual trial capabilities, and accelerate the regulatory submission process. AWS and AWS Partner solutions power the secure capture of the massive amounts of data generated during clinical trials and enable effective collaboration with investigators, contract research organizations (CROs), and sponsor organizations. Access curated solutions and services from AWS Partners such as Philips, SAS, Veeva, OpenText, Huma, and PwC.

“AWS takes care of all our infrastructure in a secure and reliable way, allowing us to more easily break into new global markets, including China. By using AWS' innovative technologies we can focus on building compelling patient-centric experiences, which keep people engaged and capturing data throughout a clinical trial.” – Bruce Hellman, CEO, uMotif

Manufacturing & Supply Chain: Modernize manufacturing processes by breaking down data silos, using ML to generate insights, utilizing more cost-effective infrastructure, and enhancing regulatory compliance. AWS delivers the services you need to establish visibility for problem solving and improve data liquidity throughout the supply chain. Access curated solutions and services from AWS Partners such as Seeq, Tulip, and SAS.

Commercial & Medical Affairs: AWS helps biopharma companies optimize their real-world data collection, management, and analysis. AWS AI and ML services can help to automatically personalized content for patients and target the right providers. Stakeholders leading commercial product launches can optimize the effectiveness of a salesforce and support omni-channel communications to engage healthcare professionals and customers via their preferred methods. With greater visibility into data via AI/ML and IoT tools, as well as a global network, AWS helps speed analysis and insights associated with post-market surveillance and improve patient support. Access curated solutions and services from AWS Partners such as Accenture, Deloitte, ZS Associates, Amalgam Rx, Huma, Change Healthcare, and SAS.

Regulatory & Compliance: AWS provides the tools, guidance, and industry experts to help biopharma companies manage compliance with GxP, HIPAA, HITRUST, and GDPR standards throughout the entire biopharma value chain. With more than 130 HIPAA-eligible services, certifications for compliance with ISO/IEC, and over 500 features and services focused on security and compliance, AWS can help you enhance security and support compliance in biopharma. Access curated solutions and services from AWS Partners such as Deloitte, SAS, and Tulip.

“With its broad set of cloud services, global reach, strong security tools, and unlimited scalability, AWS helps us differentiate the Philips HealthSuite platform by enabling us to provide exceptional data security and privacy off the shelf for our customers around the world. In this capacity, Philips furthers its commitment to optimizing workflows that put the patient front and center and turn the most defining moments in healthcare into a clear care pathway with predictable outcomes tailored for every patient.” — Dale Wiggins, Vice President and General Manager, Philips HealthSuite platform

We’re excited to see this initiative help customers across healthcare, life sciences, and genomics move faster across each of the solution areas as they do more within their industries and across them. For more information on AWS Health, visit

Patrick Combes

Patrick Combes

Patrick Combes joined Amazon Web Services in April 2016 and is responsible for AWS’ worldwide technical strategy in Healthcare and Life Sciences (HCLS). Patrick helps develop and implement the strategic plan to engage customers and partners in the industry and leads the community of technically focused HCLS specialists within AWS. Patrick has a B.S. in Computer & Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana with additional graduate work focused on programming language design. He also holds several associate and professional certifications for architecting on AWS.