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Amazon HealthLake Imaging Partners

Amazon HealthLake Imaging is a new HIPAA-eligible capability that enables healthcare providers and their software partners to store, access, and analyze medical images at petabyte scale.

For customers who want to accelerate their digital transformation of medical imaging to the cloud, Amazon HealthLake Imaging Partners provide solutions and services that can help. Whether it is migrating enterprise imaging to the cloud, providing fast access to images, or performing analytics at scale, Amazon HealthLake Imaging Partners have solutions that can help address these challenges. These AWS partners have deep expertise with Amazon HealthLake Imaging and are building next-gen solutions in collaboration with AWS.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) Partners

Alara Imaging

Health technology companies rely on Alara’s internet of medical things (IoMT) software to securely deliver on-premises medical imaging data to a cloud environment. Alara’s gateway-as-a-service acts as the local node for near real-time, bi-directional data flow between healthcare sites and AWS. Alara’s solution allows health technology companies to accelerate site security reviews, outsource radiology data delivery to the cloud, and build cloud-native solutions using Amazon HealthLake Imaging. To learn more, visit


Arterys, now a part of Tempus, received the first-ever FDA clearance of a DL/AI model (Arterys’ Cardiac AI Model) and developer of an internet platform for medical imaging. Driven by a vision to create a world where clinical care is data-driven and intelligent, Arterys provides fast, accurate, and actionable medical imaging insights that empower physicians to make more informed treatment decisions and deliver better patient care. With seamless integration, Arterys offers radiology departments a dedicated medical imaging platform with a comprehensive set of clinical AI workflow solutions—adding value across a wide range of specialties. Arterys’ medical imaging platform delivers customers a high return on investment, combined with a low cost to implement and manage. With Amazon HealthLake Imaging, Arterys is able to achieve noticeable improvements in performance and responsiveness of their applications. It also contains a rich feature set of future-looking enhancements, offering benefits and value that will enhance solutions looking to drive future-looking value out of imaging data. To learn more, visit


Axial3D, a leader in medical segmentation and 3D printing, provides hospitals and medical device manufacturers access to an easy-to-use, fast, affordable way to transform 2D medical image data into 3D. Their mission is to make patient-specific 3D solutions accessible to all, enabling surgeons, radiologists, and engineers the resources to improve patient outcomes and accelerate patient specific programs. Using Amazon HealthLake Imaging, healthcare professionals can upload imaging data to Axial3D’s cloud-based segmentation-as-a-service. It converts DICOM data into accurate 3D visualizations, 3D printable files, or 3D printed anatomical models made with Stratasys print technology. To learn more, visit

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is a leading global medical technology and digital solutions innovator. GE Healthcare enables clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent devices, diagnostic pharmaceuticals, data analytics, applications and services, supported by its Edison intelligence platform. The company has over 100 years of healthcare industry experience and around 50,000 employees globally. It operates at the center of an ecosystem working toward precision health, digitizing healthcare—helping drive productivity and improve outcomes for patients, providers, health systems and researchers around the world. GE is working with AWS to evaluate the use of Amazon HealthLake Imaging in optimizing cloud-based image storage and streaming aspects of their viewers and applications. Follow GE on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Insights or visit for more information.


Intelerad is one of the leading providers of medical imaging software and services for the healthcare industry. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC and Montreal, Quebec, Intelerad has over 900 employees located in offices across six countries. Nearly 2,500 healthcare organizations around the world rely on Intelerad products to manage patient data, helping them reduce time and workload while improving patient outcomes. Intelerad’s award-winning enterprise imaging solutions have been recognized globally by KLAS, with Intelerad’s Ambra Health ranked #1 for Image Exchange in the 2022 Best in KLAS: Software and Professional Services report. Amazon HealthLake Imaging will allow Intelerad to focus more time and energy on accelerating its cloud PACS transition. This will enhance patient care in leading healthcare facilities and improve accuracy for analysis and diagnosis. To learn more, visit

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Healthcare is a world-class provider and a market leader in medical diagnostic imaging and healthcare information technology with nearly 150 years of endless innovation. The Exa Platform offers a unique and unparalleled software solution to manage medical imaging and patient data across the healthcare spectrum. Exa’s cloud-based products (including PACS, RIS, specialty viewers, and billing) all enjoy the distinct benefits of speed, security, and access. This is due to advanced features like Server-Side Rendering, Diagnostic Zero Footprint viewer, and a single integrated database across modules. The Exa platform is scalable and customizable depending on the size and type of practice. It serves imaging centers, hospitals, teleradiology, women’s health facilities, orthopedic practices, mobile imaging providers, multispecialty clinics and urgent care centers. Konica Minolta will be using Amazon HealthLake Imaging to focus on developing software and taking advantage of application programming interfaces (APIs) for medical imaging. With Amazon HealthLake Imaging, providers can meet the growing demands of clinical workflows and increase performance while eliminating the burden of infrastructure management. To learn more, visit


NetApp is one of the world’s leaders in enterprise imaging data management solutions. For almost a decade, NetApp and AWS are obsessed over customer success, letting businesses do more with data and optimizing cloud services that matter. NetApp can help customers manage their on-premises imaging data and replicate it to Amazon HealthLake Imaging, facilitating their journey to the cloud. To learn more, visit


Since its founding in 1993 and the invention of the GPU in 1999, NVIDIA has been a pioneer in accelerated computing. MONAI, accelerated by NVIDIA, is a domain-specific, medical imaging AI framework that takes research breakthroughs and AI applications into clinical impact. MONAI Deploy is the processing pipeline that delivers MONAI Application Packages (MAPs), which smoothly integrate into health IT standards such as DICOM and across data center and cloud environments. With the integration of the MAP connector to Amazon HealthLake Imaging, medical images can be viewed, processed, and segmented in near real-time—optimizing physician workflows, enhancing patient experiences, and helping hospitals improve efficiencies. To learn more, visit


Philips is a leading health technology company focused on improving people’s health and well-being. They are enabling better outcomes across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment, and home care. Philips leverages advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company is a leader in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring and health informatics, as well as in-consumer health and home care. Philips collaborated closely with AWS in the development of Amazon HealthLake Imaging to further accelerate Philips’ clinical innovations. Philips has a strong heritage of innovations across a broad spectrum of clinical domains. Amazon HealthLake Imaging will help enable Philips to continue to play a leading role in the future by leveraging the power of AI, interoperability, and predictive analytics. Through this collaboration, Philips aims to deliver its next generation cloud-based imaging and informatics suite by extending its current solutions portfolio. News about Philips can be found at

Radical Imaging

Radical Imaging is a software company focused entirely on medical imaging. They offer software system design and planning, contract software development and consulting. They help their partners solve their most challenging medical imaging problems using modern cloud and web platforms like Cornerstone.js and OHIF (which they co-developed with Massachusetts General Hospital). Radical Imaging is ready to design and build custom image-viewing solutions for Amazon HealthLake Imaging customers to meet their specific research and clinical needs. To learn more, visit

Consulting Partners


CitiusTech is a leading provider of digital technology and consulting services to over 130 healthcare organizations and medtech companies worldwide. With over 7,500 healthcare technology professionals, they have helped organizations accelerate digital innovation, convergence, and business transformation. They have one of the largest medical imaging practices in the industry, with deep expertise in imaging products, workflows (RIS/PACS, modalities), analytics, and interoperability. They work with global imaging companies to help them modernize imaging operations including image quality enhancement, protocol and dose optimization, and AI/ML solutions to supplement image analysis and diagnostics. In collaboration with Amazon HealthLake Imaging, CitiusTech helps large medtech and provider organizations address challenges around accessing imaging data with low latency from the cloud while adhering to the highest security standards. To learn more, visit


Dicomatics is a medical informatics company that provides comprehensive data management solutions enabling customers access to accurate, secure and integrated patient data. Their medical imaging and data management solutions include enterprise-class data migration from any legacy environment to the next PACS/VNA system or to the cloud. The Dicomatics solution enables organizations to quickly migrate their existing imaging workflow into Amazon HealthLake Imaging without disrupting operations or downtime. It is an end-to-end approach that allows customers to migrate data at petabyte scale from on-premises to Amazon HealthLake Imaging, seamlessly and cost-effectively. To learn more, visit

You can learn more about Amazon HealthLake Imaging or contact an AWS Representative or an AWS Partner to get started.

Chris Hafey

Chris Hafey

Chris Hafey is the Principal Product Manager in the Amazon Web Services HealthAI organization. He has 25+ years’ experience in the medical imaging industry and specializes in building scalable high-performance systems. During his career he has led the development of several green field products including the Stentor iSite PACS, Vital Images Vitrea View, and the NucleusHealth cloud-based PACS. Chris is active in the open-source community and created the CornerstoneJS open-source project, which is used by thousands of developers worldwide. He contributed to the DICOMweb specification and continues to work towards improving its performance for web-based viewing.

Ashutosh (Ash) Dhar

Ashutosh (Ash) Dhar

Ashutosh (Ash) Dhar is the Medical Imaging Lead in the Amazon Web Services, World-Wide Public-Sector organization. He has 20+ years’ experience in the medical imaging industry. During his career he has helped launch several products, such as the first ultrasound-as-a-service for Vave Health, and an ultra-portable imaging device for Fujifilm Sonosite iViz. He has also helped create workflow solutions such as Sonosite Synchronicity, and the first AI-driven ultrasound imaging solution for GE Healthcare. He has extensive experience working with healthcare providers, to understand their challenges and help adopt technology at scale to drive better outcomes.