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Enhancing trading strategies through cloud services and machine learning

Please be aware this blog post dives deep into some areas of trading fundamentals. An intermediate level of trading knowledge is beneficial when reading this blog post. — Traders at financial institutions need to sift through a rapidly growing blizzard of news across real-time and historical data from thousands of sources. Combined with social media […]

How cloud increases flexibility of trading risk infrastructure for FRTB compliance

The Basel Regulatory Framework strives for a strict boundary between financial institutions’ trading books and banking books to prevent regulatory arbitrage. The Trade Book element of these regulations (the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book or FRTB) seeks, in exchange for more rigorous risk modeling, to strengthen trade risk management allowing institutions to optimize the […]

Supporting digital signature and secure message transmissions for Brazilian Instant Payment Systems with AWS CloudHSM

Brazilian financial institutions such as banks, investment brokers, and insurance companies are authorized to use cloud services, as long as they comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. AWS has a Compliance Center that offers financial institutions a central location to research cloud-related regulatory requirements and how they impact your industry. For example, the Resolution 4658 provides for the cyber […]