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Crypto market-making latency and Amazon EC2 shared placement groups

Crypto currencies started as an experiment in 2008, initially supported by global developer communities and retail traders. They have since expanded into a multi-billion dollar industry, traded on numerous Crypto exchanges with growing amounts of institutional interest. Many of these exchanges have been built on AWS, resulting in the opportunity for High Frequency Traders (HFTs) […]

How to set-up a fully automated data pipeline from AWS Data Exchange to Amazon FinSpace

In previous posts we’ve presented scenarios where Amazon FinSpace data analysis capabilities are used to address different use cases. For these analyses we used data available on AWS Data Exchange and on third-party data sources. Some examples of analysis are what-if scenarios of trading strategies, ESG portfolio optimization, and Analyzing petabytes of trade and quote […]

Building a modern, event-driven application for insurance claims processing – Part 1

In this series, you’ll learn to build a modern insurance claims processing application on AWS. You’ll see an application that uses an event-driven architecture to loosely couple the applications’ components. This application is built with Amazon EventBridge, AWS Step Functions, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and more. You’ll also learn why an event-driven architecture and serverless […]

Meet the AWS Swiss FSI SA and Compliance team

In its shift to the cloud, the financial services industry is confronting a range of familiar and emerging issues: evolving regulations, privacy laws, highly dynamic security threat landscape, security, and operational resilience. With limited cloud expertise, this presents a series of complex challenges. The AWS Swiss FSI SA and Compliance team is here to help […]

Figure 1 Chaos Engineering at Nationwide powered by AWS

Automating and Scaling Chaos Engineering using AWS Fault Injection Simulator

Regulators like the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK are increasingly focused on how financial services institutions respond to and recover from operational disruptions. They’re looking for a comprehensive approach to operational resilience, making sure that they and the financial sector as a whole prevent, adapt, respond to, recover, and learn from operational disruption. Technology […]

How Legal & General manage diverse requirements and deliver value at speed in a highly regulated environment

In virtually every country, financial services organizations are heavily regulated. Although this has often been used as a rationale for a lack of innovation, leveraging controls that are designed for both accountability and speed can allow for innovation and regulation to co-exist. This post discusses how Legal & General’s central IT function, Group Technology, have […]

Faster End-of-Life Insurance Claims Payouts with Automated Fraud Checks

Handling the end-of-life expenses of a loved one can present a significant and often unexpected cost burden to the survivors. Purchasing an insurance policy with a death benefit (often called funeral insurance) can help cover the costs associated with fulfilling the last wishes of the deceased, including burial, travel expenses to attend a memorial service, […]

Post Processing Capital Market and Insurance Grid output data in AWS

The computing needs of capital market and insurance firms have evolved with regulatory regimes requiring firms to develop more complex models that run more frequently and provide transparency. In response, firms are creating more complex models that require greater compute capacity. As financial institutions run their grid workloads on AWS, two core aspects stand out […]

AWS Glue successfully assessed for all 14 controls in the EDM Council’s CDMC (Cloud Data Management Capabilities) framework

AWS Glue has successfully completed an external assessment that confirms that its reference architecture provides comprehensive controls for protecting sensitive data in the cloud. AWS is the first cloud service provider to have completed an internal and external assessment of the CDMC controls framework. A leading data and strategy consulting organization (the firm) assessed the […]