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Digital Transformation of Treasury Customer Servicing

According to one McKinsey Report, cash forecasting is cited among the most inefficient processes by small and large organizations alike. In turn, CFOs are seeking partners to help them navigate from reporting to predicting. Although corporate treasurers are challenged to achieve these efficiencies due to paper-based process (e.g., invoicing, wet signatures) and a lack of […]

AWS Is How: Wealthsimple Develops Accessible Financial Solutions for All Canadians

You know you should be investing for the future, but you don’t have much money in reserve, and you’re not even sure where to start. The stock market is complicated, and you don’t fully understand how to get started with investing. And what exactly is cryptocurrency, anyway? That’s where Wealthsimple comes in. The Canadian financial […]

Optimizing data pipelines during mergers and acquisitions

The technology integration process that occurs as a result of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be complex and broad, ranging from re-platform to re-architecture. Planning for a technology integration can take months. While CFOs make sure of compliance with local and global requirements, such as exposure reporting, OFAC screening, and customer communication, CIOs are involved […]

Banking Trends 2022: Cyber vault and Ransomware

Ransomware, a malicious software that is designed to disrupt, damage, and/or gain unauthorized access to a computer system and its data, has been on the rise. As per Sophos, 34% of financial services organizations that were surveyed indicated that they had been hit by ransomware in 2020. Moreover, 51% of those attacks succeeded in encrypting […]

Preparing for Post-Quantum World in Banking with Amazon Web Services

Banks must continually innovate to gain a competitive edge in protecting customer transactions and data. For decades now, modern banking has relied on the TLS (formerly known as SSL) protocol to encrypt and provide confidentiality for online transactions. In turn, the security of TLS relies on the assumption that it’s extremely difficult for even the […]

FSI Services Spotlight: Featuring Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

In this edition of the Financial Services Industry (FSI) Services Spotlight monthly blog series, we highlight five key considerations for customers running workloads on Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP (FSx for ONTAP) achieving compliance, data protection, isolation of compute environments, audits with APIs, and access control/security. Across each area, we will examine specific guidance, suggested […]

Zero Touch Claims – How P&C insurers can optimize claims processing using AWS AI/ML services

In today’s world, consumers have more power than ever before, and even more choices and experiences. However, this poses a unique challenge for insurers. Typically, insurance companies have limited touchpoints with the customer, given the insurance value chain of quote, buy, and claim. This leaves the provided customer experience as the key competitive differentiator. Simplifying the […]

A Political Agreement on DORA has been Reached: What it Means for the EU Financial Services Sector

Maria E. Tsani Head of Financial Services Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs EMEA at Amazon Web Services (AWS) On 10 May the European Council, Commission and Parliament announced a provisional political agreement on the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). This agreement will set the foundation for a harmonized pan-EU framework on operational resilience, which AWS […]

Protect payment workloads through AWS Marketplace with Futurex’s cloud payment HSMs

Payment data security architecture is undergoing a tremendous evolution. Increasing volumes of payments are moving to mobile devices, FinTechs and neobanks are growing in prominence, and many FSIs are taking a cloud-first approach to serving their customers. This post details how AWS and Futurex have worked together to offer a streamlined method for organizations to […]

A Reference Architecture for a Front Office Risk Store

Robert Butcher, Solution Architect, Global Financial Services, AWS Front Office risk data is the lifeblood of Investment Banks. It informs every trading decision that they take, both commercial and prudential, and it’s critical for planning and regulatory reporting purposes. In this post, we present a reference architecture for a Front Office Risk Store (risk store) […]