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Digital Transformation Flywheel

The Digital Transformation Flywheel: How AWS Helps Accelerate the Digital Transformation of Stellantis

Digital transformation is a strategic business initiative enabled by digital technologies that aims to maximize business outcomes. This blog post introduces an iterative approach to digital transformation – the Digital Transformation Flywheel – that can be used to help guide and accelerate the business transformation of large scale enterprises. Selected examples from our collaboration with […]

Stellantis’ SDV transformation with the Virtual Engineering Workbench on AWS

Stellantis N.V., born from the merger of FCA and PSA Group, leads the change towards software defined vehicles (SDV). As part of this transformation, AWS and Stellantis created the “Virtual Engineering Workbench (VEW)”, a modular framework to develop, integrate, and test vehicle software in the cloud, ultimately connecting their vehicles to the cloud. Today’s automakers […]

How Stellantis built the serverless self-service portal for the Virtual Engineering Workbench

How Stellantis built the serverless self-service portal for the Virtual Engineering Workbench

Introduction Developers face many challenges when building web-based enterprise applications, including rapid prototyping to test ideas, setting up the infrastructure for static web site asset hosting, hosting business logic, exposing APIs and ensuring security across all layers. In this blog post, we show how Stellantis uses AWS serverless services to help build its Virtual Engineering […]

Feature card_Hackathons for Accelerated Vehicle Software Development at Stellantis

Hackathons for Accelerated Vehicle Software Development at Stellantis

The multi-national automotive manufacturer Stellantis (NYSE: STLA) has selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its preferred cloud partner for vehicle platforms. Together, the two companies successfully leveraged Hackathons as a means of commencing new projects and achieving continuous delivery for accelerated vehicle software development. This blog post shares both insights on how to conduct Hackathons […]

Reinventing Automotive Engineering for Software-Defined Vehicles

As software-defined vehicles (SDVs) move from a vision to reality, car manufacturers must reinvent the vehicle development process to accelerate technical development and enhance the in-vehicle driving experience. The standard development of a new vehicle takes a hardware-driven approach. It starts with documenting all requirements, creating a concept, and sourcing the hardware components. Therefore, the […]