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The Splunk Immersive Commerce Experience powered by AWS launches in London

Retail and consumer brands can sometimes use a little inspiration and benefit from a real-world customer experiences to help create an engaging and memorable interactions with their customers. Splunk and Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivered an inspirational discovery with a newly launched Splunk Immersive Experience center (SIE) located at Splunk’s London, UK Paddington office.

This new center helps retailers (and other businesses) understand the ease, agility, and flexibility of cloud-based retail solutions from Splunk and AWS. Visitors experience immersive demonstrations, attend educational workshops and seminars, and connect with industry experts to explore, co-create, and build new solutions.

The SIE also enables retailers to visualize and experience how cloud-based solutions can transform their business, consumer experience, and operations. Today, retailers spend months and sometimes years in assessing technology solutions and piloting in a single store or headquarter innovation lab before they even consider scaling across their network. An experience center like the SIE can help accelerate this process by providing hands-on, physical demonstrations rather than waiting for months before an organization can see a solution live and operating. Once experienced, retailers can move quickly to implement solutions in their business.

The Splunk Immersive Experience journey is thoughtfully crafted to showcase industry-specific solutions across key consumer experiences and to highlight tangible business value and outcomes that Splunk and AWS can jointly deliver. Watch this video to learn about the center and how to book a tour at the Splunk Immersive Experience center.

The center provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. By interacting and hearing direct feedback from retailers, Splunk and AWS can gain a deeper understanding of their pain points and desired outcomes. This understanding can then be used to inform how Splunk can optimize retailer’s business processes and achieve their objectives.

The SIE center curates an experience using a fictitious company, The Splunk T-Shirt Company. This experience is designed to take you through different stages of the customer journey from their home experience to the physical in-store experience. It also highlights solutions in manufacturing, supply chain, and customer support. Splunk’s team of experts are on site at the center, to guide how Splunk’s platform powered by AWS can be used to integrate with retailer’s own tools and systems in data analysis, security, IT operations, sustainability, and much more.

We are excited about this collaboration with Splunk and the opportunity to showcase their software’s capabilities in an immersive environment. Splunk and AWS are committed to innovation and customer success, and the Splunk Immersive Experience powered by AWS is a testament to that commitment.

Photo of Splunk Immersive Experience entrance

Display at Splunk Immersive Experience

Touring Splunk Immersive Experience

Visit the Splunk Immersive Experience center (SIE)

To find out more, and to see it yourself, please reach out to your account representative at Splunk or AWS.

Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav is an accomplished industry expert with broad technology experience in software architecture and delivery of internet scale solutions. At Splunk, Gaurav advises senior executives on industry and technology trends, and their implications for business strategy, technology innovation and strategic operating models. As a thought leader, Gaurav is a frequent speaker at industry events and has authored several articles on technology innovation and trends. Prior to joining Splunk, Gaurav has held a variety of leadership positions, from overseeing the development and implementation of software systems, to managing high-impact teams and defining IT strategies for major retailers across North America, EMEA and Asia.

Justin Swagler

Justin Swagler

Justin Swagler is worldwide head of Physical Retail at AWS, where he leads the global strategy and thought leadership for physical retailing. Justin has 15+ years of consumer packaged goods, retail, and strategy experience spanning innovation strategy, retail operations, product development, and executive leadership. He is passionate about shepherding organizations to strategically innovate and reinvent consumer experiences. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

Marco Kormann Rodrigues

Marco Kormann Rodrigues

Marco Kormann Rodrigues is the EMEA Retail Partner Solution Lead at AWS. In his role he recruits, develops and markets partner solutions to the retail industry. Prior to joining AWS, Marco spent years as a consultant implementing SAP for CPG brands and retailers, and more recently analytics SaaS product development for retailers. He holds a BSc in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh and an MSc in Information Systems Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris.