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Register Now for Alexa Live 2021 to Invent the Future of Ambient Computing—Together

Register Now for Alexa Live 2021 to Invent the Future of Ambient Computing—Together

Consumers are increasingly turning to AI assistants such as Amazon Alexa to control other devices in their home and automate simple, monotonous tasks. As such, AWS customers building smart consumers products are increasingly added Alexa voice to their devices, either by ensuring their devices Work With Alexa or have Alexa Built-in. For example, AWS IoT […]

AWS is How LG Creates Better Customer Experiences

“AWS is how”: LG Electronics makes life good with smarter, happier homes

The dream of creating a smart home, where all appliances and electronics could be controlled from a central computer hub, began to take shape in 1965, when a Westinghouse engineer, Jim Sutherland, developed the first home computer, the ECHO IV. Sutherland integrated the ECHO IV into his home’s electronic systems, and he and his family […]

AWS Yara Isometric Squid Hires

Yara and AWS to Digitalize Crop Nutrition Production System

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will assist world-leading crop nutrition company Yara in building a Digital Production Platform (DPP) to further improve safety, reliability, product quality and plant efficiency. The Yara Digital Production Platform aims to reduce Yara’s environmental footprint, supporting the company to deliver on its mission to responsibly feed the world and protect the […]

Identify APN Partners to Help You Build Innovative IoT Solutions on AWS

AWS provides essential building blocks to help virtually any company build and deploy an Internet of Things (IoT) solution.  Building on AWS, you have access to a broad array of services including AWS IoT, a managed cloud platform that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices, and low-cost data […]