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Deploy AWS IoT Greengrass as a Snap to Your Edge Devices

Canonical and AWS have collaborated to offer AWS IoT Greengrass as snap, a containerized software package that can run on a variety of Linux distributions. The combination of AWS IoT Greengrass and Ubuntu Core provides IoT developers with a fast path from development to production for their secure device. The AWS IoT Greengrass snap, available through Snapcraft, is maintained and published by the AWS IoT Greengrass team.

As part of this release, we’ve also worked with Rigado, a smart building solution provider, and Prologis, a global logistics real estate company, to create an AWS Tech Talk that describes how their teams are using the AWS IoT Greengrass snap to enable their “warehouse of the future.” Prologis Labs is focused on developing and testing new technologies, particularly digital infrastructure that includes IoT sensors, asset tracking, robotics, and more. Prologis and Rigado combined AWS IoT Greengrass with the Rigado Cascade 500 device running Ubuntu Core 16 to create a proof of concept gateway that they can use to capture data from sensors in the Prologis Labs warehouse. To learn more about what they built, you can watch the AWS Tech Talk here.

“The combination of Ubuntu Core with AWS IoT Greengrass gives Rigado customers a containerized platform to quickly deploy IoT applications that leverage the power and scale of AWS Lambda functions,” says Toban Zolman, Rigado’s Vice-President of Product.

To get started with snaps, see the Canonical release notes. After you’ve configured your Greengrass snap, you’ll be ready to deploy AWS Lambda functions, add more edge devices to your Greengrass group, and experiment with Amazon SageMaker ML models using AWS IoT Greengrass tools. When a new version of AWS IoT Greengrass is available, your snap is updated automatically so you can take advantage of the latest IoT Greengrass features. (You can turn off these automatic updates for more control.)

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