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Get Started with the IoT Foundation Series from AWS Training and Certification

The IoT Foundation Series, a new curriculum dedicated to IoT on AWS, is now available online on the AWS Training and Certification website. This curriculum contains self-directed online training classes that are scenario-based and aligned with the library of IoT design patterns called the IoT Atlas and IoT best practices in AWS whitepapers.

This curriculum is recommended for business decision makers, data engineers, device engineers, fleet managers, line-of-business developers, and security architects who want to get started with IoT and find out which AWS services to use. By the end of this curriculum, you will be better prepared to dive into technical topics related to IoT.

The first two modules, Telemetry and Command & Control, help you sense the environment and act in the physical world. From there, you can work your way up to more complex scenarios like those in the Predictive Maintenance and Fleet Management courses. The information in these courses provides you with the knowledge and skills required to overcome business challenges using AWS IoT Core and associated services.

Stay tuned for more training on IoT! Don’t forget to get started today!