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Grow your knowledge: a guide to IoT Solutions World Congress 2022


Welcome to your guide for IoT Solutions World Congress, an event showcasing the game-changing solutions and technologies disrupting and transforming industries. Follow the digital conversations via the hashtag, #IOTSWC22.

IoT Solutions World Congress will take place May 10-12 in Barcelona, Spain. Join AWS on-site in Barcelona for IoT leadership sessions and IoT device demonstrations to explore how industries are unlocking IoT data and accelerating business growth. IoT Solutions World Congress brings together AWS Partners and industry decision makers to learn and hear from AWS and other industry professionals on topics including digital twins, unlocking smart building insights, women and diversity in technology, leveraging the cloud for logistics, and effectively using industrial IoT data.

AWS will showcase the AWS Partner Solutions Demonstration Wall at the AWS IoT Lounge located in Hall 4 | C381. This demo wall will include over two dozen of the latest AWS partner devices such as gateways/routers, starter kits, industrial PC, RF modules, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), sensors, and reference design from AWS partners like Advantech, Banner, Beckhoff, CloudRail, Dragino, Espressif Systems, IDEC Corporation, Infineon, Laird, miromico, Multi-Tech Systems Inc., OnLogic, Opto22, Pressac, Shoreline, Siemens, Softing Industrial Automation GmbH, STMicroelectronics, Tektelic, u-blox, Wago, and Yokogawa. Check out the latest AWS partner solutions to learn more about how you can scale your business using AWS IoT.

Multiple AWS representatives will also be on site to host customer meetings in Hall 2 | Room B11. Are you looking to have a deeper AWS IoT discussion? Request a meeting with AWS here.


Review upcoming AWS sessions to help plan your visit to IoT Solutions World Congress. Please note days and times are subject to change. Refer to the IoT Solutions World Congress agenda for latest information.

Unlock smart building insights to achieve sustainability goals with big data analytics

Presented by: David Felker, Head of Solutions for Engineering, Construction, and Real Estate Solutions, AWS and Vera Groetzner, Software Product Manager for Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Siemens
May 10 | 11:40 AM – 12:10 PM | Room 2

Reducing operating expenses, achieving sustainability goals, and improving the occupant experience are top of mind for building owners and operators. The challenge is that siloed building data can make it hard to gain insights across assets and take action to optimize building performance. In this session, learn how Siemens and AWS IoT have collaborated to help customers unlock disparate data sets so they can reliably track and analyze energy consumption to drive better outcomes for the business, environment, and building occupants.

AWS Keynote address: Turnkey IoT: Strategies that scale and transform your enterprise

Presented by: Yasser Alsaied, VP of IoT, AWS
May 11 | 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM | Room: Auditorium

Billions of IoT devices will connect with the cloud over the next five years. With IoT continuing to converge with AI, robotics, and 5G, enterprises are tackling big problems in infrastructure, production, and the environment using cloud technologies. But how do you get started on this cloud journey? In this session, through demos and customer stories, Yasser Alsaied, VP of IoT at AWS, introduces audiences to the new IoT and robotics technologies that are transforming building management, operations, and manufacturing. Dive deep into how customers like Volkswagen, Carrier, and Yara are increasing plant efficiency, automating processes, and acting upon real-time insights at scale.

Digital eye in IoT: How CattleEye uses the cloud to improve animal wellness

Presented by: Karen Hildebrand, Worldwide Tech Leader for Agriculture, AWS and Terry Canning, Chief Executive Officer, CattleEye
May 11 | 11:50 AM – 12:20 PM | Room: Auditorium

Dairy cattle health, welfare, and production requires a scale that can exceed human capacity, which is where CattleEye comes in. The CattleEye team produces scores, including body condition and mobility scores, that farmers can use to understand the health of their herd. Early adopters of CattleEye technology have seen decreases in lameness levels from 30% to about 10% of the herd. Milk producers on average see a savings of £350 each year through proactive treatments. In this session, learn how CattleEye uses the cloud, explore the scale of computer vision at the edge, and discover how to rapidly build IoT at the edge and in the cloud.

Volkswagen Group takes production and logistics to the cloud

Presented by: Alan Southall, Group BPM of Business Technology Platforms, AWS and Marc Geckeler, Group BPM of Business Technology Platforms, Volkswagen Group and Dirk Voigt, Head of Digital Production Platform, Volkswagen Group
May 11 | 3:50 PM – 4:20 PM | Room CC4.2

AWS and Volkswagen Group embarked on a multi-year collaboration to pioneer the creation of the Industrial Cloud that is reinventing automotive manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics for Volkswagen and its brands. By using IoT, machine learning, and sophisticated analytics to unlock data from machines and systems across all of their plants, Volkswagen continues to strengthen their production and ability to build cars more efficiently, for the benefit of their customers and the global environment. Through sustainable innovation across people, processes, and technology, learn how Volkswagen has been able to unlock new insights and accelerate business value through new digital solutions that have further increased plant efficiency and uptime, improved production flexibility, and increased vehicle quality.

Agriculture company plants seeds for IIoT data insights with Emerson & AWS

Presented by: Nishant Saini, Senior Partner Solutions Architect for Industrial Software, AWS and Martijn van der Meer, Business Architect, Emerson
May 12 | 11:35 AM – 12:05 PM | Room CC4.2

An agriculture company’s operational data was spread out across plant automation systems, plant data historians, laboratory systems, IoT sensors, and more. They wanted a way to release data from facility equipment and use it to improve throughput and productivity, predict equipment failures, and improve analytical insights. Learn about the short- and long-term value of centralizing, managing, and contextualizing operational data for advanced analytics use cases.

Accelerating business outcomes with scalable digital twins

Presented by: Bryan O’Flaherty Wills, Principal Worldwide Go-To-Market Specialist for IoT, AWS and Dan Levine, Senior Director IoT, Cloud, and Software Engineering, Carrier
Starting May 17 | Available on demand

Digital twins represent an exciting technology that businesses are increasingly adopting to make better operational and strategic decisions in industries such as smart buildings, manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences, energy, power and utilities, and other industrial operations. Carrier is pushing to drive more innovation and connectivity to make buildings and the cold chain more sustainable, efficient, and comfortable. In this session, learn how AWS and Carrier are empowering customers to use digital twins alongside advanced machine learning and data analytics to decrease service costs, optimize maintenance schedules, and increase the reliability, efficiency, and profitability of their equipment.

Asset performance management is much more than predictive maintenance

Presented by: Praveen Rao, Principal Worldwide Go-To-Market Specialist for IoT, AWS and David Huber, APM Advisory Consultant, Hitachi Vantara
Starting May 17 | Available on demand

Beyond failure and diagnostic capabilities, smart manufacturing solutions provide greater insights into the remaining useful life of your assets, what-if analysis, identification of precursor events, and more. Remaining useful life and what-if analysis help to optimize decision-making in the moment and understand the root cause of a failure, both of which help to avoid failures in the future. In this session, AWS and Hitachi showcase existing case studies and discuss how their common customers achieve success and answer questions such as whether they’re prepared to make it to the next planned outage. Additionally, explore common IoT deployment mistakes and learn best practices to avoid them.


Event attendees can explore AWS IoT services and solutions and hear how AWS customers connect and manage billions of devices. If your business collects, stores, and analyzes IoT data for industrial, consumer, commercial, and automotive workloads – make sure you visit our IoT Solutions World Congress landing page to learn more. Follow the digital conversations via the hashtag, #IOTSWC22.