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Orchestrate NVIDIA Isaac Sim and ROS 2 Navigation on AWS RoboMaker with a public container image

Introduction High-fidelity simulation is increasingly important during the development of robots and robotic applications. Virtual environments with photo-realistic objects, and robot models with accurate physics are essential for developing and testing robots that perform reliably on sophisticated tasks in the physical world.  Setting up a high-fidelity simulation, training, and testing environment, however, poses challenges. Installing […]

Utilizing AWS Services to Quickly Build Solutions for Robotics Use Cases

Introduction Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are widely used in many industries like logistics and manufacturing. However, there are various challenges in developing and operating autonomous robots. To develop autonomous robots, a wide range of technologies are required, and the process is complex and time-consuming. Integration with the cloud is also required to develop and operate the robots […]

Your Guide to AWS IoT at NVIDIA GTC 2019

NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2019 is almost here! We don’t want you to miss any IoT content, so in this blog post we’ll share some technical demonstrations that show how emerging technologies, including IoT, edge computing, AI and machine learning, and robotics, will shape our world. In the AWS Booth (#1221) Anomaly Detection in […]