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Access Cross Account Resources Using the AWS IoT Rules Engine

The AWS IoT platform enables you to connect your internet-enabled devices to the AWS cloud via MQTT/HTTP/Websockets protocol. Once connected, the devices can send data to MQTT topic(s). Data ingested on MQTT topics can be routed into AWS services (like Amazon S3, Amazon SQS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Lambda etc.), by configuring rules in AWS IoT […]

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Improved AWS IoT Management Console

For many customers, the management console is the primary tool for interacting with and monitoring AWS IoT. This includes connecting a first device, diving into thing details, finding key resources, and testing with the MQTT client. Over the past year, we received feedback from customers that drove the redesign of a new AWS IoT console […]

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Bites of IoT – Rules Engine and Amazon SNS

Welcome to another installment in the Bites of IoT blog series. In this bite, we will use the AWS IoT rules engine to select and route a message to Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS). Specifically, we’ll send a text message to a phone number when someone rings a virtual doorbell. Concepts Covered in This […]

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Bites of IoT – Introduction

Welcome to Bites of IoT, the first post in a series designed to introduce developers to AWS IoT. In this first bite, we’ll set up a very simple client that can create things in AWS IoT, send messages to those things, subscribe to topics to receive messages from things, and then clean up. The client […]

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Embracing the Cloud for the Internet of Things

The pace at which the world is changing has never been faster than it is today. In the last decade, we have witnessed how mobile and big data are contributing to the next technology revolution: the Internet of Things (IoT). There is a lot of hype around IoT. Is it just that, hype? We want to […]

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