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AWS presenting at SMPTE 2018 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition

Catch the AWS presentation at the SMPTE Annual Technical Conference at the Westin Bonaventure in downtown Los Angeles. Details below:


Wednesday Oct 25

9:00 AM  –  9:30 AM, San Francisco Room

Cloud Media Asset Management: Overview, Migration and Challenges
The need to manage and utilize larger amounts of video content is driving the industry to leverage cloud-based technologies and reconsider traditional management tools for managing video archives. Today’s media companies leverage Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions to solve a large number of business objectives. These solutions are commonly built in organizational silos. These disparate implementations make it challenging to have an enterprise view of content. This condition creates an environment ripe with duplication and inefficiencies. Enterprises are looking to establish a top-level view while improving the user-experience and addressing the massive increases in captured content and metadata that occur each year. This paper discusses the common use-cases for MAM today and how cloud service architectures are changing a painful industry challenge into a promising, scalable, solution filled with new opportunities for efficiency and content use-cases. This paper also looks forward to the new challenges that MAM is looking to tackle. The use of machine learning big data tools, universal identifiers will continue to scale and improve the overall management capability of content. Increased rights capabilities will also open up new revenue opportunities that will help the industry focus on these issues.


Jack Wenzinger, AWS Partner Solutions Architect
Usman Shakeel, AWS Global Tech Lead – Media & Entertainment


Jack Wenzinger

Jack Wenzinger

Jack Wenzinger supports technology partners in the Media & Entertainment Vertical for AWS, accelerating their adoption of AWS in media operations and services to support their customers. Jack works with executives and technology owners to address their technical and non-technical transformation challenges, providing domain expertise for cloud adoption and achievement of key business objectives.