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Today, AWS introduced the Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange, or SPEKE for short. So, what is it? SPEKE is an open API specification that aims to democratize media workflows by streamlining the way Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems integrate with encryptors. For those unfamiliar with the term, “encryptors” encompasses encoders, transcoders, and origin servers. In video processing and delivery workflows, encryptors obtain encryption keys from DRM platforms, encrypt content, and send it downstream for consumption.

SPEKE delivers a standardized method for key exchange between encryptors and DRM systems for both live and on-demand media workflows, while allowing media customers to use any SPEKE-enabled key server or encryptor in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid infrastructures. SPEKE is built on the DASH Industry Forum’s Content Protection Information Exchange (CPIX) specification. SPEKE builds on CPIX for authentication and other behaviors, and eliminates the need for intense, complex integrations between proprietary multi-DRM APIs and encryptors from different vendors. AWS Elemental MediaConvert, AWS Elemental MediaPackage, AWS Elemental Live and AWS Elemental Delta each support SPEKE and we are looking for other encoding, transcoding, and packaging vendors to integrate SPEKE into their product offerings. (For a deeper dive on CPIX, see this guest post on the AWS Media Blog.)

Prior to SPEKE, integration would require a custom API between each DRM key server and each encryptor, which proved time consuming and could delay the launch of new services for customers. Now, SPEKE-enabled DRM key servers should work with any SPEKE-enabled encryptors out of the box. SPEKE supports HLS, MSS, and DASH with DRM solutions including Apple FairPlay, Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, AES-128, and proprietary DRMs.

More than a dozen vendors are already on board with SPEKE including AWS, Axinom, castLabs, EZDRM, INKA Entworks, Insys Video Technologies, Intertrust Technologies, Irdeto, Kaltura, NAGRA, NEXTSCAPE, Verimatrix, Viaccess-Orca, VUALTO, and WebStream.

Interested in learning more? Visit SPEKE: Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange API

Lindy Anderson

Lindy Anderson

Lindy Anderson is a Senior Industry Marketing Manager - M&E, part of her focus is to help customers tell stories about their innovative projects using AWS services.