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Amazon Pinpoint Offers Customers a New Console Experience with Richer Segmentation Capabilities to Drive End-User Engagement

Last night, we launched a significant update to the Amazon Pinpoint console. These updates make it easier to start sending campaigns with Amazon Pinpoint. In fact, you can start engaging with your customers in as few as three clicks!

This update also includes advanced segmentation capabilities, which enable you to filter based on user, endpoint, and channel attributes and bind those filters with certain conditions, such as AND, OR, and EQUAL TO operators. These features help you create finely-tuned segments, which result in better engagement and happier end-users. To learn more about creating segments in Amazon Pinpoint, see our tutorial in the Amazon Pinpoint User Guide.

Amazon Pinpoint’s new segmentation capabilities enable the following use cases:

  • Create new sub-segments from existing segments: You can now create sub-segments by selecting an existing segment and applying segmentation logic to it. For example, you could import a list of email addresses and filter out certain customers based on real-time endpoint attributes, such as the customer’s paid or free tier status. To learn more about creating segments, see Building Segments in the Amazon Pinpoint User Guide.
  • Advanced segmentation using smart operators: You can now create dynamic segments that incorporate certain operators, such as AND, OR, and EQUAL TO. For example, let’s say you classify your customers into tiers: tier 1 and tier 2. With today’s launch, you could create a new segment of customers whose tier status is equal to tier 1 OR tier 2, and then further refine your segment to include users who were not active in past 7 days.
  • Understand the impact of additional filters on the size of your segments, and see your audience size at a glance: The updated segmentation tool shows you the total size of your segment at all times. This size estimate is continuously updated as you add more filters to the segment, letting you see the impact of your filters in near real-time.

These new features are available to all Amazon Pinpoint users today at no additional cost.