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How to test email sending and monitoring

Introduction When setting up your email sending infrastructure and connections to APIs it is necessary to ensure proper setup. It is also important to ensure that after making changes to your sending pipeline that you verify that your application is working as expected. Not only is it important to test your sending processes, but it’s […]

Goodbye blacklist. Introducing the suppression list!

We’ve heard your feedback: handling “Address Blacklisted” errors is a major hassle. We have been working to make that experience more intuitive, and are happy to announce that today we launched the blacklist’s replacement, the Amazon SES suppression list. Like the blacklist, the suppression list is a list of recipient addresses that Amazon SES blocks […]

Announcing Self-Service Blacklisted Address Removal

UPDATE ON 5/4/16: This article is deprecated. Please see this article instead: Goodbye blacklist. Introducing the suppression list! We’ve listened to your feedback and are happy to let you know that starting today, you can remove email addresses from the blacklist from within the Amazon SES Console. A blacklisted address is one that Amazon SES will […]

The Amazon SES “Address Blacklisted” Error

Today, we wanted to address something that we’re seeing a lot of questions about on our forums – the “Address Blacklisted” Error. Occasionally, as you send via Amazon SES, you will have your message rejected with an “Address Blacklisted” error. The error you have run into is not a type of enforcement on your account […]