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Archiving and sending to final SMTP server

In today’s digital landscape, where email communication plays a vital role in business operations, Keeping your email archive secure, compliant, and retrievable is crucial for any business. However, managing the large volume of email data can lead to operational difficulties, including regulatory compliance, maintaining an audit trail, and preventing data loss. That’s where Amazon Simple […]

How to use SES Mail Manager SMTP Relay action to deliver inbound email to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

Introduction Customers often ask us if the Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) inbound capabilities they use with applications hosted on AWS infrastructure can also be used to process and automate employee email hosted on public services like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. The answer has typically been “yes, but with some limitations”, as until now, […]

Email Archiving with Mail Manager: Why To Archive In Transit vs At The Mailbox

When designing Amazon Simple Email Service’s (SES) Mail Manager, we often heard from customers about the “PST-file problem” inherent with user-side mailbox-based archiving. This occurs when, for a variety of reasons, end users decide to archive their emails to local PST files or other local storage. These PST files are fragile and easily corrupted. Furthermore, […]

How Amazon SES Mail Manager Elevates Email Security and Efficiency

In today’s digital landscape, efficient and secure email management is essential for businesses facing the complexities of cyber threats and regulatory compliance. Companies are seeking ways to safeguard against unauthorized access and apply audit rules, while maintaining operational efficiency. Amazon SES Mail Manager is designed to meet these challenges, offering a suite of features that […]

Optimizing Email Deliverability: A User-Centric Approach to List Management and Monitoring

This is a 2024 update of the 2015 blog post “Amazon SES Best Practices: Top 5 Best Practices for List Management“. While the fundamental principles of effective email list management remain relevant, the landscape has evolved significantly over the past nine years. This updated post aims to provide Amazon Simple Email Services (SES) customers with […]

SES MailManager high level architecture

Mail Manager – Amazon SES introduces new email routing and archiving features

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a cloud-based email sending service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), handling both inbound and outbound email traffic for your applications. It allows users to send and receive email using SES’s reliable and cost-effective infrastructure without having to provision email servers yourself. Managing multiple email workloads at scale can […]

The Four Pillars of Managing Email Reputation

Introduction A sender’s domain and IP reputation strongly indicate email deliverability success. Maintaining a high reputation ensures optimal recipient inboxing. This blog outlines how Amazon SES protects its network reputation to help customers deliver high-quality email consistently. Understanding sender reputation nuances across diverse mailbox providers can be challenging, making issue identification and root cause analysis […]

Serverless IoT email capture, attachment processing, and distribution

Many customers need to automate email notifications to a broad and diverse set of email recipients, sometimes from a sensor network with a variety of monitoring capabilities. Many sensor monitoring software products include an SMTP client to achieve this goal. However, managing email server infrastructure requires specialty expertise and operating an email server comes with […]

An Introduction to Amazon WorkMail Audit Logging

Amazon WorkMail’s new audit logging capability equips email system administrators with powerful visibility into mailbox activities and system events across their organization. As announced in our recent “What’s New” post, this feature enables the comprehensive capture and delivery of critical email data, empowering administrators to monitor, analyze, and maintain compliance. With audit logging, WorkMail records […]

How large senders can move from sandbox to production using Amazon SES?

Amazon SES: Email marketing has a potential ROI of $42 for every dollar spent (source link) making it a great tool for businesses whether it is for marketing campaigns, transactional notifications, or other communications. Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a cloud email service provider that can integrate into any application for bulk email […]