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An Overview of Bulk Sender Changes at Yahoo/Gmail

In a move to safeguard user inboxes, Gmail and Yahoo Mail announced a new set of requirements for senders effective from February 2024. Let’s delve into the specifics and what Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) customers need to do to comply with these requirements. What are the new email sender requirements? The new requirements include long-standing best practices […]

Architecture diagram of the solution: new templates in Amazon SES are created by a Lambda function accessed through API Gateway. THe Lambda function reads and writes HTML from S3 and reads and writes metadata from DynamoDB.

How quirion created nested email templates using Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

This is part two of the two-part guest series on extending Simple Email Services with advanced functionality. Find part one here. quirion, founded in 2013, is an award-winning German robo-advisor with more than 1 billion Euro under management. At quirion, we send out five thousand emails a day to more than 60,000 customers. Managing many […]

How quirion sends attachments using email templates with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

This is part one of the two-part guest series on extending Simple Email Services with advanced functionality. Find part two here. Update: The TestRenderEmailTemplate API used to send emails with attachments has a limit of 1 operation per second. If your expected peak traffic is higher than this, the solution demonstrated in this case study may […]

How To Build an Email Service on SES

Foundations Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) handles hundreds of billions of email messages every month. While many are outbound, one of the fastest-growing parts of the business is for inbound traffic. Customers send and receive email via SES using a combination of public SMTP interfaces and the SES SDK. Traditionally, most customers used SES alongside […]

Customize marketing messages and promotions for personalized outreach

Introduction Amazon Pinpoint is widely used by many customers for their various user engagement use cases like marketing campaigns, scheduled communications (newsletters, reminders, etc.), and transactional messaging. By using the message template feature in Amazon Pinpoint, customers can design messages personalized to the specific end users, by using variable attributes. While Amazon Pinpoint enables customers […]

Gartner CPaaS Architecture Diagram

AWS Communication Developer Services (CDS) recognized in the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for CPaaS

2022 Gartner Market Guide for CPaaS recognizes AWS Communication Developer Services (CDS) Every business needs to communicate with customers through channels like email, SMS, notifications, voice, and even video. CPaaS, or Communications Platform as a Service, provers combine those capabilities into a single offering. Communication developers exploring new CPaaS solutions can read the 2022 Gartner […]

Tracking email engagement with AWS Analytics services

Update: July 26, 2023 – This blog has now a script to automate its deployment. You can find it in this Github repository. Email at scale is one of the most valuable forms of reaching and engaging with customers, but creating the most engaging email content means frequent tracking, monitoring, and analyzing bounces, complaints, opens, […]