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AWS Communication Developer Services (CDS) recognized in the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for CPaaS

2022 Gartner Market Guide for CPaaS recognizes AWS Communication Developer Services (CDS)

Every business needs to communicate with customers through channels like email, SMS, notifications, voice, and even video. CPaaS, or Communications Platform as a Service, provers combine those capabilities into a single offering. Communication developers exploring new CPaaS solutions can read the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for CPaaS to learn about AWS Communication Developer Services’ (CDS) capabilities in these channels.

What is CPaaS?

Gartner defines CPaaS, or Communication Platform as a Service, as “cPaaS offer[ing] application leaders a cloud-based, multilayered middleware on which they can develop, run and distribute communications software. The platform offers APIs and integrated development environments that simplify the integration of communications capabilities (for example, voice, messaging and video) into applications, services or business processes.” CPaaS offerings allow companies to integrate communication capabilities into their apps, websites, and technologies in a flexible and customized manner. Companies can choose to add channels and features, like SMS, email, voice, notifications, and more through APIs and SDKs. CPaaS also describes the layers of target audience segmentation, message orchestration and vertical solutions in communication technologies.

2022 Gartner CPaaS Market Guide

The 2022 Gartner CPaaS Market Guide provides key considerations to keep in mind when selecting a communications platform partner to increase customer engagement across channels. Gartner defines the market in three levels, Foundational, Emerging, and Potential Differentiation.

Foundational: Foundational requirements are common communication APIs, and are estimated by Gartner to represent about 85% of current market spend. These fall in to channel-based capabilities like SIP trunking, phone numbers, long and short codes, network connections, SMS, voice, notifications, orchestration, inbound and outbound email, and basic security like 2-factor authorization (2FA) via SMS, email, voice, or other channels. AWS Communication Developer Services (CDS) are built on flexible APIs that support all of the channels listed above. CDS allows builders to use APIs as simple configuration out of the box, or customize APIs through more advanced coding.

Emerging: Emerging offerings include ML capabilities like messaging and voice bots or sentiment analysis, advanced message options, reputation and delivery managers, and campaign managers. AWS Communication Developer Services (CDS) is built using AWS’ leading ML capabilities, and makes it easy for developers to implement advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence features like voice and messaging bots, speech to text, and sentiment analysis. AWS Communication Developer Services (CDS) has orchestrated email and message capabilities. Campaign management is simple through designated campaign and journey features.

Potential differentiation: Gartner identifies potential long-term opportunities for differentiation in areas like vertical solutions and integration with contact centers. CDS has helped many healthcare, financial services, and entertainment customers modernize their customer communications. Our customers work closely with leading partners like Accenture, Local Measure, and many more for seamless integration into current technology and communication stacks. Through CDS’ close ties with the Amazon Connect contact center solution, it’s easy to integrate contact center capabilities with messaging and multichannel communications.

Gartner CPaaS Architecture Diagram

Market Direction and Trends:

Gartner predicts continued growth of the CPaaS category. Gartner reports that most new CPaaS customers enter the category with a specific channel need, such as push notifications, then expands their offerings to include additional channels and functionalities as new needs arise.
Trends include conversational everything and the rise of messaging and voice bots, predictive intelligence for personalization, and local global expansion through Channel Partners.

About AWS Communication Developer Services

AWS Communication Developer Services (CDS) are a set of SDKs and APIs that allow developers to embed customer communications directly into their applications. Developers use AWS CDS to improve communication with their customers across different use cases, including application-to-person (A2P) communications, asynchronous communications, and real-time communications. AWS CDS supports channels like email, SMS, push notifications, chat, audio, video, and voice over the PSTN. Send messages to your customers with the scale of AWS and pay only for what you use.

Use Cases

Alerts + Notifications

Send customers alerts or notifications through email, SMS, push, in-app notifications, or via voice API

Promotional Messages

Send promotions and marketing messages with top email inbox deliverability and segmented messaging

In-App Video

Build your application or website with scalable video technology that can support telehealth, field support, education, and more

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Build an IVR system that can support touch-tone, conversation voice bots, and text-to-speech

Want to read the full Market Guide?
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