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Your AWS re:Invent 2019 guide to AWS Mobile, Web and Front end Sessions & Workshops

The AWS Amplify team is working hard on this year’s re:Invent with new content about AWS Amplify, AWS AppSync, and building amazing web and mobile apps. We’ve recruited our highest-rated speakers to deliver great content for mobile and web developers and architects. And of course, we will be announcing new capabilities and customer-requested features for our Mobile Services. Reserved seating has begun – grab a spot for your favorites (If you haven’t registered and would like to attend, here’s a template to help justify your trip).

We’ll have breakout sessions, workshops, builder sessions, and chalk talks on different topics:

  1. Leadership Keynote
  2. GraphQL: Data for your app
  3. AI & Machine Learning
  4. Web Development
  5. React Native App Development
  6. Native iOS and Android App Development
  7. Mobile Developer Tools



Leadership Keynote

MOB306-L – Leadership session: Innovations in mobile & web app development (Session)

Get all the details on the latest services and features from the AWS mobile team. Learn about our innovations in mobile and web app development with AWS Amplify Libraries, Toolchain, and Console. Learn how AWS AppSync’s new customer-driven features make it an ideal GraphQL API layer.


GraphQL: Data for your app

MOB309 — Develop serverless GraphQL architectures using AWS AppSync (Session)

AWS AppSync is the a managed GraphQL service. In addition to queries, mutations, and subscriptions, AWS AppSync integrates seamlessly with AWS data sources and external sources (including microservices and GraphQL endpoints).  Rapidly develop a GraphQL data layer assisted by generated resolvers, declarative security, and client libraries.

MOB303 — Build and ship full-stack serverless apps with AWS Amplify (Workshop)

Use AWS AppSync and AWS Amplify Framework to code, build, and deploy full-stack serverless apps using React. AWS AppSync provides data to your apps from multiple sources, and Amplify Framework simplifies building a serverless backend.  Deploy using AWS Amplify Console for hosting and CI/CD capabilities.

MOB305 — Modernize REST with GraphQL APIs and AWS AppSync (Workshop)

This workshop looks at a React application that uses REST endpoints, showing different strategies and patterns to migrate them to GraphQL. We build the GraphQL schema and deploy it in AWS AppSync. You will learn how to build a GraphQL schema using AWS AppSync from scratch, and know the strategies for migrating REST to GraphQL.

MOB310 — Simple serverless solutions for your mobile apps (Chalk Talk)

Learn three serverless patterns to simplify your app development. Make complex workflows easy with AWS Step Functions. We discuss AWS Lambda support of common operations in mobile applications.

MOB315 — Breaking down the OAuth flow (Chalk Talk)

We demystify identity federation in Cognito and whiteboard the main flows, so you understand how to leverage Cognito to bring identity federation to your web and mobile applications.

MOB318 — AWS AppSync does that: Support for alternative data sources (Chalk Talk)

AWS AppSync supports many data sources natively, but also supports a variety of alternatives, including Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon Neptune. GraphQL-ify access to alternative data sources, such as AWS Secrets Manager and AWS Step Functions.

MOB319 — Get the most from AWS for mobile architectures (Chalk Talk)

Learn best practices for building mobile and web applications using the AWS Amplify toolset and AWS AppSync as the API layer. Use real-time notifications and offline capabilities, and the Amplify toolchain to support team development and local testing.

MOB202 — Rapidly build working prototypes with AWS AppSync (Chalk Talk)

During this chalk talk, we explore how AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync can be used to build a mobile API with little to no coding. Manage existing APIs to empower small development teams or bring your prototypes to life.

MDS405-R — UnicornFlix: Building a video-on-demand app with AWS (Workshop)

Learn how to manage, process, host, and authorize access to streaming video content. In this workshop you use AWS Amplify to build a video-streaming app with a content management system backed by AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs, and video processing through AWS Elemental MediaConvert. This workshop brings you to the cutting edge of cloud-enabled web video.


AI & Machine Learning

MOB403 — Bring machine learning to mobile and progressive web apps (Session)

The new Amplify Framework “Predictions” category adds AI/ML use cases to your mobile and web apps using only a few lines of code. Add capabilities to engage your users with exciting content from powerful services such as Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Translate, and Amazon Polly.

MOB302 — Build an AI-powered mobile app with AWS Amplify (Workshop)

In this workshop, you learn how to architect mobile apps that make the most of machine learning, whether you’re using offline or online learning, and prebuilt or custom machine-learning models.

MOB316 — Bringing AI and ML to the front end with AWS Amplify Predictions (Chalk Talk)

The AWS Amplify “Predictions” category now gives you access to advanced machine-learning tools. Now your web and mobile applications can take advantage of intelligent customer tailoring based on analytics data you probably already have.


Web Development

MOB307 — Frontend web and cross-platform mobile development on AWS (Session)

AWS Amplify libraries give you an open-source, cross-platform environment to build mobile and web applications using React, Vue, and JavaScript frameworks. We discuss best practices for creating applications using Amazon Cognito, Amazon DynamoDB, and AWS AppSync (GraphQL).

MOB311– The complete guide to user authentication with the Amplify Framework (Builder Session)

In this session, we dive deep into how the auth component in Amplify works and how to use it with federation to give robust, secure access to your applications.


React Native App Development

MOB402 — Build data-driven mobile and web apps with AWS AppSync (Session)

Find out how to use AWS AppSync and other AWS services to build apps that leverage all of your data, regardless of user connectivity. Also, learn ways to use the delta sync pattern; we also discuss new AWS AppSync features.

MOB404 — Authentication in depth with AWS Amplify: Web and React Native (Chalk Talk)

The Auth libraries in AWS Amplify offer powerful ways to manage identity and secure your apps.  We cover authentication, identity federation, OAuth, best practices, and how to incorporate them in your next web or React Native application.


Native iOS and Android App Development

MOB317 — Speed up native mobile development with AWS Amplify (Session)

In this session, we explore iOS and Android app development with AWS Amplify. We go over the coding patterns of Amplify libraries and also show you how to tackle specific uses cases such as auth, storage, API, analytics, and AI/ML.

MOB304 — Implement auth and authorization flows in your iOS apps (Workshop)

Leverage social-provider identity federation and customize authentication flows configured using the AWS Amplify CLI.

MOB312-R — Real-time monitoring of IOT devices from an iOS app (Builder Session)

In this session, we develop an app that utilizes AWS AppSync to display real-time sensor updates from IoT devices in a React Native iPhone application.


Mobile Developer Tools

MOB308 — Production-grade full-stack apps with AWS Amplify (Session)

Discover how AWS Amplify simplifies and accelerates full lifecycle development of mobile and web apps. Build a serverless CI/CD pipeline that leverages AWS services, and integrate your favorite tools with AWS, covering development, build, testing, and deployment.

MOB313 — Testing mobile applications on real devices with AWS Device Farm (Builder Session)

AWS Device Farm is an application-testing service that lets you test and interact with real devices in real time. Use a variety of testing frameworks to view videos, screenshots, logs, and performance data to fix issues.

MOB314 — Full-stack CI/CD for web apps with AWS Management Console (Builder Session)

AWS provides tools and services that make full-stack development easier. In this session, we show how to construct, execute, and monitor a full-stack CI/CD pipeline from the AWS Management Console.

MOB405 — AWS Amplify CLI: Make it work for you (Builder Session)

AWS Amplify is an open-source fully extensible framework that allows you to develop and iterate quickly. Take a deeper look at extending the CLI to add new functionality. We implement new plugins and transforms to augment the framework.

MOB406 — Expanding the AWS Amplify CLI: Adding custom features (Builder Session)

Learn how to extend Amplify CLI using the plugin feature, including how to add new categories and new providers like Terraform. Dive into example code showing how it works, and the nuances you should consider when developing plugins.



This article was written by Steve Johnson

Steve is a Specialist Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, focused on Mobile Applications. Steve helps customers design Mobile and GraphQL applications using AWS Amplify, Amazon AppSync, Amazon Cognito, and the AWS Serverless Suite of products. He is a speaker at AWS Summits and various tech events. Steve is a software and systems engineer and enjoys tinkering with all things mechanical and cloud related. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Software Systems Engineering. Steve lives and works near us-east-1, because the latency is good.