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Sébastien Stormacq

Author: Sébastien Stormacq

Seb has been writing code since he first touched a Commodore 64 in the mid-eighties. He inspires builders to unlock the value of the AWS cloud, using his secret blend of passion, enthusiasm, customer advocacy, curiosity and creativity. His interests are software architecture, developer tools and mobile computing. If you want to sell him something, be sure it has an API. Follow him on Twitter @sebsto.

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New – Amplify SwiftUI-based Authenticator Component

Today we are making available a new SwiftUI-based open-source Authenticator component for your iOS, iPadOS, and Catalyst applications. Most applications have a requirement to authenticate their user at some point or other of the user flow. Authentication allows users to save their preferences, to unlock premium features, or control access to data. The authentication category […]