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Learn more about AWS Mobile Services – Slides and Videos from AWS re:Invent 2014

We had an incredible time at AWS re:Invent 2014 in Las Vegas. This year the conference was bigger and better than ever. More than 10,000+ people attended 250+ sessions across 21 tracks. There were a number of sub-events throughtout the conference and multiple opportunities for attendees to interact, engage and learn not only from AWS but also from some of our leading customers. For those who missed the conference or could not attend the ‘Mobile And Connected Devices’ Track sessions, here is a list of videos and slideshare links that I highly recommend watching and reviewing.

(SPOT205) State of the Union: AWS Mobile Services and New World of Connected Products

In this session, Marco Argenti, Vice President of AWS Mobile, kicks off the Mobile and Connected Devices Track and shared our vision and the latest products and features we have launched this year. He is accompanied by some of our leading mobile customers (Path, Forza Football, Brain Corporation) on stage to share their experiences.

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Breakout sessions:

There were several 200, 300 and 400-level breakout sessions that examined variety of mobile use cases and mobile services in detail.

(MBL302) Mastering Synchronization: Mobile, Login Providers, and the Web – Amazon Cognito

This session focused on the Amazon Cognito Sync service. Today’s mobile users expect to transition between their phone, tablet, and laptop and seamlessly pick up where they left off. With Amazon Cognito, you can synchronize user data across devices and mobile OS platforms and also connect your web experience with your mobile app experience. In this session video, you will learn how to implement sync in Android, iOS, and JavaScript so you can deliver a customized user experience. You will also see how to integrate with Amazon Cognito to sync with mobile devices and the web and delve into some of the nuances of syncing, such as conflict resolution and account merging.

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(MBL401) Social Logins for Mobile Apps with Amazon Cognito

This session focused on the Amazon Cognito Identity Service. We demonstrate how to use Cognito to build secure mobile apps without storing keys in them. You will learn how to apply policies to existing Facebook, Google, or Amazon identities to secure access to AWS resources for use cases such as storing user photos in Amazon S3. Finally, we also show how to handle anonymous access to AWS from mobile apps when there is no user logged in.

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(MBL301) Extend User Experience w/ Mobile Push Notifications – Features Mailbox

This session focused on Amazon SNS Mobile Push. As you may know, cross-platform push notifications that can engage your customers even when your app is in the background are becoming a central part of a mobile app user experience. Some users may rarely open an app that provides useful information to them; for them, the notifications are the most important part. But great user experiences can break if your messages get dropped or delayed. In this session, we discuss how you can leverage Amazon SNS to reliably deliver messages to your mobile users. Amazon SNS provides the performance and simplicity of a managed service, while also supporting interactive notifications, silent push, and broadcasts to large groups. One of our leading customers, Mailbox (Dropbox) describe how they rely on large-scale push notifications as a core part of their user experience.

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(MBL303) Get Deeper Insights Using Amazon Mobile Analytics and Amazon Redshift

This session focused on Amazon Mobile Analytics and how you can leverage the upcoming feature that automatically loads your analytics data into Amazon S3 and into Amazon Redshift, our peta-byte scale data wareshouse service, enabling you to dive deeper into your mobile usage data with SQL queries. The Amazon Mobile Analytics service can help you understand user behavior and monetization trends so you can maximize retention and user lifetime value. 

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(MBL305) The World Cup Second Screen Experience

More and more customers are discussing the “Second Screen Experience” that augments TV viewing with a mobile app experience. In this session, we present best practices for implementing cloud-backed experiences using AWS services. One of our customers, Magazine Luiza, joined us on stage to discuss how they built a second-screen experience during the FIFA World Cup. Magazine Luiza is one of the largest retail chains in Brazil and also a sponsor of the top TV station in the country. They ran TV ads on game intervals and reached mobile usage spikes of four times their average.

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(MBL304) Building Scalable Mobile Services with Global Footprints

In this customer-led session, both HTC and EasyTaxi shared their architectures and best practices for building highly scalable mobile backend services on AWS. HTC built a news aggregation service (BlinkFeed), a photo-sharing service (HTC Share), and a phone backup service (HTC Backup) on AWS. EasyTaxi, one of the fastest growing taxi mobile apps, shared their experience building an app as they scaled to 35+ countries and thousands of transactions per second.

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(MBL201) Best Practices in Building a Connected Device Backend in the Cloud

Moving from mobile to the Internet of Things (IoT) world, this panel discussion focused on IoT customers and partners that run their platforms on AWS today. AWS offers a wide variety of services that can be used to build “device cloud” backend infrastructure for connecting devices such as smart phones, smart meters, connected cars, sensor and actuator gateways, etc. In this session, AWS customers Spark IO, 2lemetry and Machineshop shared their best practices for building services that power this new world of connected devices.

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