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Mobile and Front-End Live, May 25 | Registration Open

AWS is excited to announce its first free, virtual event for mobile and front-end web development. Mobile and Front-End LIVE takes place on May 25, 2021 and registration is now open. Learn how to accelerate mobile and front-end web development with AWS’ purpose built tools and services that support development workflows for iOS, Android, React Native, and JavaScript web developers. Discover how easy it is to develop, deploy, and operate your app, even if you are new to AWS. We will live stream technical deep dives, demos, and live Q&A to help you modernize your app while improving performance and developer productivity.

The event opens with a keynote and is followed by front-end web and mobile subject matter experts who will deliver sessions on topics like adding authentication and data syncing to your apps, modernizing your APIs with GraphQL, and building real-time applications.

Mobile and Front-End Live is designed for anyone interested in developing, deploying, and operating mobile and front-end web applications. Whether you’re getting started or looking to dive deep into technical concepts, there’s a session for you. Join us on Twitch to chat live with other attendees, speakers, and AWS front-end web and mobile leaders

Mobile and Front-end Live – May 25, 2021 | 9am PST
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Sneak peek: Mobile and Front-End Live sessions

Create an Application Backend in Clicks with the AWS Amplify Admin UI
Building a modern application requires a differentiated user experience, persisting data in the cloud, creating user authentication and authorization, and more. AWS Amplify’s new admin UI allows users to create and deploy an offline-ready application backend in clicks and then extend it with code, lowering the complexity of fullstack development for front-end web and mobile developers. We’ll build a fullstack application backed by multiple AWS services including Amazon Cognito, AWS AppSync, and Amazon S3 in minutes

API Modernization with GraphQL
GraphQL is an API technology that improves application performance and enables businesses to build applications faster. AWS AppSync is a fully managed service that lets you create scalable GraphQL APIs to securely access and combine data from multiple sources. With AppSync you can easily build performance-ready applications with built-in offline and real-time capabilities. In this session, learn how AppSync and GraphQL can help you implement powerful, secure, highly available, flexible, resilient and scalable backends for all types of applications with increased development velocity.

Building Real-time Apps on AWS
Real-time and offline-first applications provide an enhanced user-experience in modern web and mobile applications, but can be complex to set up and manage. AWS AppSync is a fully managed service that enables you to easily build innovative applications with built-in offline and real-time capabilities. AWS AppSync takes advantage of GraphQL subscriptions to push real-time data to millions of clients that choose to listen to specific events. Amplify DataStore simplifies real-time application development for clients, also providing local data access when devices go offline, and data synchronization with the cloud when they are back online. In this session, you’ll learn how to address common real-time scenarios with AWS AppSync and how to build real-time mobile applications using Amplify DataStore.

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