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Retrieving Media on Android With KitKat

Introduction With the introduction of Android version 4.4 KitKat, the way developers commonly access media files has changed. This post introduces some of the issues relevant to Amazon Web Service customers, including breaking changes to the S3Uploader sample code and how these changes were resolved. What’s new KitKat has introduced a new way of providing […]

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Using Different AWS Regions with the AWS Mobile SDKs

Version 2 of the AWS Mobile SDK This article and sample apply to Version 1 of the AWS Mobile SDK. If you are building new apps, we recommend you use Version 2. For details, please visit the AWS Mobile SDK page. This content is being maintained for historical reference. The services supported by the AWS […]

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Adding Web Identity Federation with Facebook to Android Projects

Last month we announced web identity federation, which lets developers utilize services from Facebook, Google, and Amazon to retrieve temporary AWS credentials. This tutorial will show you how to add web identity federation with Facebook to an existing Android project that uses an AWS service. Creating a Facebook App ID Sign up for the Facebook […]

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Making Asynchronous Calls with Handler

There are two ways to make asynchronous calls: AsyncTask, and Handler plus Thread. I briefly introduced how to use AysncTask to make asynchronous calls in the previous post. In this post, I will explain making asynchronous calls with Handler. I will also compare AsyncTask with Handler. What is Handler? A Handler is associated with a […]

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