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Announcing AWS Amplify and the AWS Mobile CLI

The JavaScript ecosystem is thriving. Every day there are new use cases and functionality across web and mobile ecosystems. Developers are building highly interactive and functional applications across social, consumer, and enterprise spaces. We’ve spent a lot of time talking to these developers. They want to scale their applications quickly on cloud services, and they […]

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React serverless starter application with one-click AWS deployment and hosting

Serverless applications are more popular every day. Many developers want to implement completely serverless hosted websites that are functionally equivalent to traditional infrastructures. However, with serverless websites, it’s often tricky to deal with registration, sign-in, and MFA flows. It can also be difficult to manage API routing, CORS settings, endpoint authorization, and user authentication. Hooking […]

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Deploy a React App to S3 and CloudFront with AWS Mobile Hub

Single page applications (SPAs) are now ubiquitous. Every web developer needs to understand how to build them and how to deploy them to a web hosting facility of their choice. In this article, I am going to look at what it takes to create and build a basic React app and deploy it globally to the […]

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Enhanced JavaScript development with AWS Mobile Hub

by Richard Threlkeld | on | in Lambda, S3 | Permalink | Comments |  Share

Introduction As the JavaScript ecosystem grows, we continue to invest to help customers build mobile and hybrid apps. Today, we released a feature in AWS Mobile Hub called Hosting and Streaming. This feature automates deployment of mobile websites in both test and production scenarios using Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront. It also helps developers streamline […]

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Encrypting an Amazon S3 object on the client side with AWS KMS and the AWS Mobile SDK for Android

Starting with the AWS Mobile SDK for Android version 2.4.0, you have two options to encrypt client-side objects before sending them to Amazon S3: an AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) customer master key (CMK) or a client-side master key.   Customer master key   When using an AWS KMS customer master key (CMK) for […]

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Streaming videos to millions of mobile app users via Amazon CloudFront CDN

Update: March 17, 2017 This post has been updated to address a few operational issues and overall feedback from developers and internal teams. We hope you enjoy and please keep the comments and contributions flowing! Changes: If the Lambda function is/was not getting triggered after a video was uploaded to S3, see new note about […]

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How to Store Your App Photos in the Cloud Using Amazon S3 [tutorial and code samples]

About Welcome to the first installment of our blog series showing how to build some of the most popular end-to-end experiences used by mobile apps. In each installment, you’ll see how you can build these experiences – including the client (iOS and Android) and the backend (AWS services) – in just a few minutes. We’ll […]

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Pause and Resume Amazon S3 Transfers Using the AWS Mobile SDK for Android

by Mudeem Siddiqui | on | in S3 | Permalink | Comments |  Share

Amazon S3 Transfer Manager makes it easy for you to access Amazon S3 cloud storage from your mobile app. It provides an asynchronous mechanism to manage uploads and downloads between your app and Amazon S3. You can easily check the status of your transfers, add handlers to run code when a transfer completes, and more. […]

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Simplify Web Identity Federation Setup with AWS CloudFormation

by Rachit Dhall | on | in S3 | Permalink | Comments |  Share

Simplify Web Identity Federation Setup with AWS CloudFormation In a previous post, we discussed web identity federation and its use in enabling social login for access to AWS resources associated with a developer’s AWS account. The sample Personal File Store application uses web identity federation allowing users to store data in Amazon S3. In this […]

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Retrieving Media on Android With KitKat

by Weston Edwards | on | in S3 | Permalink | Comments |  Share

Introduction With the introduction of Android version 4.4 KitKat, the way developers commonly access media files has changed. This post introduces some of the issues relevant to Amazon Web Service customers, including breaking changes to the S3Uploader sample code and how these changes were resolved. What’s new KitKat has introduced a new way of providing […]

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