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Manage your fleet at scale using EC2 Systems Manager

This guest post was written by Michael Baker, who works as a DevOps Engineer for the Infrastructure Engineering team at Bulletproof Introduction The Bulletproof Group Limited has spent many years investing in system automation to assist with fleet management at scale. More recently, we have spent a significant amount of time working with Amazon EC2 […]

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Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Automation is now a Amazon CloudWatch Events Target

Today we are excited to announce a new target for Amazon CloudWatch Events: Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Automation. Through this integration, Automation workflows can be triggered by a schedule, or when specific AWS system events occur. Automation is part of Amazon EC2 Systems Manager.  Using Automation you can build workflows that are streamlined, repeatable and auditable. […]

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Windows AMI Patching and Maintenance with Amazon EC2 Systems Manager

The Automation service, which is part of Amazon EC2 Systems Manager, helps you save time and the effort associated with routine management operations. Automation workflows are streamlined, repeatable, and auditable. For example, you can easily automate manual tasks such as golden image creation, baking applications into Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), or patching and updating agents. […]

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Introducing Tagging Support for AWS OpsWorks Stacks

AWS now supports tagging of AWS OpsWorks Stacks application environments. Tags that you add to a stack and layer now automatically propagate down to all underlying AWS resources, including Amazon EC2 instances, Elastic Load Balancing load balancers, Amazon RDS databases, Amazon EBS volumes, and Amazon ECS clusters. This benefits everyone who wants to track their […]

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Use Application Load Balancers with your AWS OpsWorks Chef 12 Stacks

Want to build scalable applications that take advantage of Elastic Load Balancing Application Load Balancer features? You could add capabilities such as content-based routing, HTTP/2 and WebSocket protocols, support for containers, and enhanced metrics, and more. AWS OpsWorks Stacks users have been asking AWS how they can use the new Application Load Balancer option with […]

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Using AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate to Manage EC2 Instances with Auto Scaling

Amazon EC2 instances are often created and destroyed as demand dictates. Auto Scaling is great for dynamically scaling servers so that EC2 resources are consumed only when they are necessary. This blog post will show you how to connect EC2 instances created by an Auto Scaling group to an AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate server. […]

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