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Introducing AWS Config Multi-Account, Multi-Region support for Advanced Query

I’m excited to introduce you to our latest feature addition, AWS Config Advanced Query. Advanced query, launched last year, makes it easy to query the resource configuration properties of your AWS resources for audit, compliance, or operational troubleshooting using simple SQL-like queries. With our latest release, you can now use Advanced query with configuration aggregators, enabling you […]

Query your resource configuration state using the advanced query feature of AWS Config

On March 19, AWS Config announced a new capability called advanced query. Advanced query makes it easy to query the resource configuration properties of your AWS resources for audit, compliance, or operational troubleshooting. Advanced query is available in all AWS public Regions and in AWS GovCloud (US) at no additional charge for AWS Config customers. […]

Using AWS Systems Manager Inventory with Tags

AWS Systems Manager Inventory now supports Tags. Tags enable you to categorize your AWS resources in several ways, for example, by purpose, function, owner, or environment. Consequently, when you use AWS Systems Manager Inventory to collect metadata from an instance, it also collects the tag information attached to the instance, making the tag information available […]

AWS CloudFormation resource for Resource Data Sync in AWS Systems Manager

The Resource Data Sync capability in AWS Systems Manager lets you sync inventory data from your managed instances into an Amazon S3 bucket. Resource Data Sync then automatically updates the S3 bucket whenever new Inventory data is collected. You can also use Resource Data Sync to sync inventory data from multiple AWS accounts into a […]

Recommended practices for deleting custom inventory types and data using AWS Systems Manager

AWS Systems Manager Inventory provides an easy and secure way to collect metadata and insights from your managed instances. The service provides ready-to-use inventory gatherers for insights on installed applications, network configurations, file metadata, Windows updates, Windows services, Windows server roles/features, and Windows registry. In addition, you can use AWS Systems Manager Inventory to collect […]

Get Disk Utilization of Your Fleet Using EC2 Systems Manager Custom Inventory Types

Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Inventory provides a centralized way to collect and query system, application, and instance metadata. Using the resource data sync feature, you can sync this metadata to Amazon S3. In Amazon S3 you can aggregate the metadata for different AWS Regions and accounts. After you sync this inventory data to Amazon S3, […]