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Providing controlled internet access through centralised proxy servers using AWS Fargate and PrivateLink

In this post we provide a regional solution for controlling outbound internet access to 1000s of Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) using AWS Fargate and AWS PrivateLink. It removes the need to manage any proxy servers or to provide Layer 3 connectivity between your VPCs. It also provides an end-to-end deployment pipeline with a simple, […]

Automating Domain Delegation for Public Applications in AWS

Security is top priority at AWS. Cybersecurity and digital risk management are the primary considerations of customers when ensuring that security and trust are always in place for a secure data and cloud infrastructure. These concerns are even more critical for public internet facing applications, which are accessed using a public domain. In AWS Cloud, […]

AWS Global Accelerator Custom Routing with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

AWS Global Accelerator is a networking service that for your end users will improve the internet performance and availability by using Amazon Web Service’s global network infrastructure. There are workloads such as multiplayer gaming, VoIP, virtual classrooms (EdTech), video collaboration and social media applications that require the application logic to assign multiple users to a […]