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All Things Open (Source) in Raleigh, NC

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AWS is a Presenting sponsor at All Things Open this October 21-23, and the team is looking forward to busy few days in Raleigh! 3500 attendees are expected this year with a schedule that will feature more than 20 tracks and 200 sessions over three days of programming, including 14 extended workshop sessions and three special programs – “Inclusion in Open Source & Technology: A Conversation,” “Start-Up Pitch Competition,” and lightning talks hosted by

The AWS team will be there to cover a variety of topics, from Kubernetes to cross-platform interfaces to AWS serverless developer tools, including:

Monday, October 22

  • The Next Big Wave, Zaheda Bhorat, 9:15 AM, Grand Ballroom A/B/C
  • Building Consistent Cross-Platform Interfaces, Danny Banks, 10:30 AM, Room 301A
  • Marketing Your Open Source Project, Deirdre Straughan, 11:30AM, Room 307

Tuesday, October 23

  • Building WhereML an AI Powered Twitter Bot for Guessing Locations of Pictures with MXNet, Randall Hunt, 10:45 AM, Room 302B
  • Building Open Source Communities for AWS Serverless Developer Tools, Sanath Kumar Ramesh, 11:45 AM, Room 205
  • Kubernetesize your Java Application, Arun Gupta, 2:00 PM, Room 306A

Plus, we’ll be featuring a fun demo at the AWS booth (35/36) in Raleigh. Simple Beer Service (SBS) is a cloud-connected kegerator that sends data (beer flow, temperature, humidity, sound levels, and proximity) to an Amazon API Gateway endpoint. Come by for some root beer (the first 500 people go home with an extra giveaway!) and a #simplebeerservice t-shirt, and leave with the know-how to build your own Simple Beer Service.

If you haven’t yet registered, use our code for 50% off ticket prices: 50AMAZON.

We look forward to seeing you and the rest of the community in Raleigh!

Shirley Bailes

Shirley Bailes

Shirley is a senior open source program manager at AWS, striving every day to change hearts and minds and provide value to the communities she serves. In her spare time, Shirley volunteers for open source community events and is still trying to get past chapter 1 of How to be an Extroverted Introvert.