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A Recap of the AWS Security Blog in 2014

The goal of the AWS Security blog is to provide you with guidance, best practices, and technical walkthroughs covering new service launches or topics such as how to help increase the security of your AWS account or better achieve your compliance goals. As we welcome 2015, we want to make sure that you did not miss any of the posts from 2014. This blog post includes a complete, categorized list of the AWS Security Blog posts published in 2014. 


In 2014, we redesigned the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) console and launched a host of other features to enhance your experience of using IAM, such as an at-a-glance view of last AWS sign-in, and sign-in events logged to CloudTrail. The following posts detail the various launches and new IAM features:

Policies and permissions

In 2014, we posted in detail about how to use the IAM policy language and create IAM policies for specific tasks:

Identity federation

In 2014, we added support for more AWS services to use federation and also introduced new features in identity federation. We published detailed blog posts about using these features:


With the launch of EBS Encryption in May 2014 and AWS Key Management Service (KMS) in November 2014, we’ve provided more features to help you manage your encryption keys in AWS:


We published a number of posts in 2014 to help you better understand how to maintain security and data protection in AWS to achieve compliance:


We also addressed other security topics on the blog, ranging from posts about security best practices for using AWS services to AWS announcements:

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– Sree