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AWS Artifact service launches new user interface

AWS Artifact service introduces a new user interface (UI) that provides a more intuitive experience in searching and saving AWS compliance reports, and accepting agreements. The new UI includes AWS Artifact home page equipped with information and videos on how to use the AWS Artifact service for your compliance needs. Additionally, the Reports and Agreements console now provides keyword search capability allowing you to accurately search the artifact you are looking for rather than scrolling through the entire page. The new UI is supported on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or widescreen monitor, resizing the on-screen content dynamically.

Check out the new AWS Artifact UI and connect with us on our new AWS Artifact Forum for any questions, feedback or suggestions for new features. To learn more about AWS Artifact, please visit our product page.

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Dhiraj Mehta

Dhiraj Mehta is a Senior Technical Program Manager at AWS and product owner of AWS Artifact. He has extensive experience in security, risk, and compliance domains. He received his MBA from University of California, Irvine, and completed his undergrad in Computer Science from Kurukshetra University in India. Outside of work, Dhiraj likes to travel, cook, and play ping-pong.