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Get custom data into Amazon Security Lake through ingesting Azure activity logs

Get custom data into Amazon Security Lake through ingesting Azure activity logs

Amazon Security Lake automatically centralizes security data from both cloud and on-premises sources into a purpose-built data lake stored on a particular AWS delegated administrator account for Amazon Security Lake. In this blog post, I will show you how to configure your Amazon Security Lake solution with cloud activity data from Microsoft Azure Monitor activity […]

Amazon Security Lake is now generally available

Amazon Security Lake is now generally available

Today we are thrilled to announce the general availability of Amazon Security Lake, first announced in a preview release at 2022 re:Invent. Security Lake centralizes security data from Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments, software as a service (SaaS) providers, on-premises, and cloud sources into a purpose-built data lake that is stored in your AWS account. […]

AWS Clean Room

Share and query encrypted data in AWS Clean Rooms

In this post, we’d like to introduce you to the cryptographic computing feature of AWS Clean Rooms. With AWS Clean Rooms, customers can run collaborative data-query sessions on sensitive data sets that live in different AWS accounts, and can do so without having to share, aggregate, or replicate the data. When customers also use the […]

How to scan your AWS Lambda functions with Amazon Inspector

How to scan your AWS Lambda functions with Amazon Inspector

Amazon Inspector is a vulnerability management and application security service that helps improve the security of your workloads. It automatically scans applications for vulnerabilities and provides you with a detailed list of security findings, prioritized by their severity level, as well as remediation instructions. In this blog post, we’ll introduce new features from Amazon Inspector […]

Lambda function initiated by EventBridge rule

How to monitor the expiration of SAML identity provider certificates in an Amazon Cognito user pool

With Amazon Cognito user pools, you can configure third-party SAML identity providers (IdPs) so that users can log in by using the IdP credentials. The Amazon Cognito user pool manages the federation and handling of tokens returned by a configured SAML IdP. It uses the public certificate of the SAML IdP to verify the signature […]

Amazon Cognito and AWS WAF diagram

Protect your Amazon Cognito user pool with AWS WAF

Many of our customers use Amazon Cognito user pools to add authentication, authorization, and user management capabilities to their web and mobile applications. You can enable the built-in advanced security in Amazon Cognito to detect and block the use of credentials that have been compromised elsewhere, and to detect unusual sign-in activity and then prompt users for […]

Use IAM roles to connect GitHub Actions to actions in AWS

Use IAM roles to connect GitHub Actions to actions in AWS

May 22, 2023: We updated the post to reflect case sensitivity in the IDP entered: The IDP created in this post should be entered in lowercase through the post. Have you ever wanted to initiate change in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account after you update a GitHub repository, or deploy updates in an […]

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How to prioritize IAM Access Analyzer findings

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Access Analyzer is an important tool in your journey towards least privilege access. You can use IAM Access Analyzer access previews to preview and validate public and cross-account access before deploying permissions changes in your environment. For the permissions already in place, one of IAM Access Analyzer’s capabilities is that […]

ABAC framework to control access to secrets using IAM Identity Center

Scale your authorization needs for Secrets Manager using ABAC with IAM Identity Center

With AWS Secrets Manager, you can securely store, manage, retrieve, and rotate the secrets required for your applications and services running on AWS. A secret can be a password, API key, OAuth token, or other type of credential used for authentication purposes. You can control access to secrets in Secrets Manager by using AWS Identity […]

Investigate security events by using AWS CloudTrail Lake advanced queries

This blog post shows you how to use AWS CloudTrail Lake capabilities to investigate CloudTrail activity across AWS Organizations in response to a security incident scenario. We will walk you through two security-related scenarios while we investigate CloudTrail activity. The method described in this post will help you with the investigation process, allowing you to […]