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Accelerate security automation using Amazon CodeWhisperer

In an ever-changing security landscape, teams must be able to quickly remediate security risks. Many organizations look for ways to automate the remediation of security findings that are currently handled manually. Amazon CodeWhisperer is an artificial intelligence (AI) coding companion that generates real-time, single-line or full-function code suggestions in your integrated development environment (IDE) to […]

Cognito Architecture

Detecting and remediating inactive user accounts with Amazon Cognito

For businesses, particularly those in highly regulated industries, managing user accounts isn’t just a matter of security but also a compliance necessity. In sectors such as finance, healthcare, and government, where regulations often mandate strict control over user access, disabling stale user accounts is a key compliance activity. In this post, we show you a […]

Sample solution architecture diagram

How to generate security findings to help your security team with incident response simulations

April 8, 2024: We have updated the post to revise the CloudFormation launch stack link to provision the CloudFormation template. Continually reviewing your organization’s incident response capabilities can be challenging without a mechanism to create security findings with actual Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources within your AWS estate. As prescribed within the AWS Security Incident […]

Use Amazon Verified Permissions for fine-grained authorization at scale

Implementing user authentication and authorization for custom applications requires significant effort. For authentication, customers often use an external identity provider (IdP) such as Amazon Cognito. Yet, authorization logic is typically implemented in code. This code can be prone to errors, especially as permissions models become complex, and presents significant challenges when auditing permissions and deciding […]

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Migrate your Windows PKI from Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services to AWS Private CA Connector for Active Directory

When you migrate your Windows environment to Amazon Web Services (AWS), you might need to address certificate management for computers and users in your Active Directory domain. Today, Windows administrators commonly use Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) to support this task. In this post, we will show you how to migrate AD CS to […]

How to access AWS resources from Microsoft Entra ID tenants using AWS Security Token Service

Use of long-term access keys for authentication between cloud resources increases the risk of key exposure and unauthorized secrets reuse. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has developed a solution to enable customers to securely authenticate Azure resources with AWS resources using short-lived tokens to reduce risks to secure authentication. In this post, we guide you through […]

Approach 3 to update crypto user password

AWS CloudHSM architectural considerations for crypto user credential rotation

This blog post provides architectural guidance on AWS CloudHSM crypto user credential rotation and is intended for those using or considering using CloudHSM. CloudHSM is a popular solution for secure cryptographic material management. By using this service, organizations can benefit from a robust mechanism to manage their own dedicated FIPS 140-2 level 3 hardware security […]

Enhance container software supply chain visibility through SBOM export with Amazon Inspector and QuickSight

In this post, I’ll show how you can export software bills of materials (SBOMs) for your containers by using an AWS native service, Amazon Inspector, and visualize the SBOMs through Amazon QuickSight, providing a single-pane-of-glass view of your organization’s software supply chain. The concept of a bill of materials (BOM) originated in the manufacturing industry […]

Overview of Security Lake functionality

How to develop an Amazon Security Lake POC

You can use Amazon Security Lake to simplify log data collection and retention for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and non-AWS data sources. To make sure that you get the most out of your implementation requires proper planning. In this post, we will show you how to plan and implement a proof of concept (POC) for […]

Enable multi-admin support to manage security policies at scale with AWS Firewall Manager

The management of security services across organizations has evolved over the years, and can vary depending on the size of your organization, the type of industry, the number of services to be administered, and compliance regulations and legislation. When compliance standards require you to set up scoped administrative control of event monitoring and auditing, we […]