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How AWS threat intelligence deters threat actors

Every day across the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure, we detect and successfully thwart hundreds of cyberattacks that might otherwise be disruptive and costly. These important but mostly unseen victories are achieved with a global network of sensors and an associated set of disruption tools. Using these capabilities, we make it more difficult and […]

Embracing our broad responsibility for securing digital infrastructure in the European Union

Over the past few decades, digital technologies have brought tremendous benefits to our societies, governments, businesses, and everyday lives. However, the more we depend on them for critical applications, the more we must do so securely. The increasing reliance on these systems comes with a broad responsibility for society, companies, and governments. At Amazon Web […]


AWS Digital Sovereignty Pledge: Announcing new dedicated infrastructure options

French | German | Indonesian | Italian | Japanese | Spanish At AWS, we’re committed to helping our customers meet digital sovereignty requirements. Last year, I announced the AWS Digital Sovereignty Pledge, our commitment to offering all AWS customers the most advanced set of sovereignty controls and features available in the cloud. Our approach is […]

How AWS built the Security Guardians program, a mechanism to distribute security ownership

How AWS built the Security Guardians program, a mechanism to distribute security ownership

Product security teams play a critical role to help ensure that new services, products, and features are built and shipped securely to customers. However, since security teams are in the product launch path, they can form a bottleneck if organizations struggle to scale their security teams to support their growing product development teams. In this […]

Cost considerations and common options for AWS Network Firewall log management

Cost considerations and common options for AWS Network Firewall log management

When you’re designing a security strategy for your organization, firewalls provide the first line of defense against threats. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers AWS Network Firewall, a stateful, managed network firewall that includes intrusion detection and prevention (IDP) for your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Logging plays a vital role in any firewall policy, as […]

AWS Security Profile: Get to know the AWS Identity Solutions team

AWS Security Profile: Get to know the AWS Identity Solutions team

Remek Hetman, Principal Solutions Architect on the Identity Solutions team In this profile, I met with Ilya Epshteyn, Senior Manager of the AWS Identity Solutions team, to chat about his team and what they’re working on. Let’s start with the basics. What does the Identity Solutions team do? We are a team of specialist solutions […]

Example of CodeGuru Security integration with deployment pipeline

How Amazon CodeGuru Security helps you effectively balance security and velocity

Software development is a well-established process—developers write code, review it, build artifacts, and deploy the application. They then monitor the application using data to improve the code. This process is often repeated many times over. As Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers embrace modern software development practices, they sometimes face challenges with the use of third-party […]

re:Inforce 2023

Three ways to accelerate incident response in the cloud: insights from re:Inforce 2023

AWS re:Inforce took place in Anaheim, California, on June 13–14, 2023. AWS customers, partners, and industry peers participated in hundreds of technical and non-technical security-focused sessions across six tracks, an Expo featuring AWS experts and AWS Security Competency Partners, and keynote and leadership sessions. The threat detection and incident response track showcased how AWS customers […]

Removing header remapping from Amazon API Gateway, and notes about our work with security researchers

At Amazon Web Services (AWS), our APIs and service functionality are a promise to our customers, so we very rarely make breaking changes or remove functionality from production services. Customers use the AWS Cloud to build solutions for their customers, and when disruptive changes are made or functionality is removed, the downstream impacts can be […]

Security Profile - Cryptography

AWS Security Profile: Matthew Campagna, Senior Principal, Security Engineering, AWS Cryptography

In the AWS Security Profile series, we interview Amazon Web Services (AWS) thought leaders who help keep our customers safe and secure. This interview features Matt Campagna, Senior Principal, Security Engineering, AWS Cryptography, and re:Inforce 2023 session speaker, who shares thoughts on data protection, cloud security, post-quantum cryptography, and more. Matthew was first profiled on […]