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Centrally Manage Tags and Search for Resources Across AWS Services by Using the New Resource Groups Tagging API

Today, we made available the new Resource Groups Tagging API that makes it easier for you to centrally manage tags and search for resources across AWS services and regions. This new API includes five operations that enable you to programmatically tag and untag resources, list resources with a specific tag, and list unique tag keys across multiple AWS services.

Tagging AWS resources simplifies the way you organize and discover resources, allocate costs, and control resource access across services. You can use resource groups and Tag Editor in the AWS Management Console to manage tags on resources and search for tagged resources across services and regions.

Many customers have asked us to provide this functionality programmatically to support the growing number of applications, teams, and projects running on AWS. Based on this feedback, we made this new API available to enable you to create automated tools to manage, search, and filter tags and resources across AWS services.

For more information, see the in-depth blog post on the AWS Blog.

– Nitin