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Fall 2019 SOC 2 Type I Privacy report now available

We understand that the protection of personal data that is uploaded to AWS is critical for many of our customers, and the SOC2 Type 1 Privacy report provides the information you need to understand how your content is protected at AWS.

The Fall 2019 SOC 2 Type I Privacy report provides you with a third-party attestation of our systems and the suitability of the design of our privacy controls. The scope of the privacy report includes information about how we handle the content that you upload to AWS and how it is protected in all of the services and locations that are in scope for the latest AWS SOC reports. You can download the latest SOC 2 Type I Privacy report through AWS Artifact in the AWS Management Console.

As always, we value your feedback and questions. Please feel free to reach out to the team through the Contact Us page.

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Hadis Ali

Hadis is a Security & Privacy Manager at Amazon Web Services. He leads multiple security and privacy initiatives within AWS Security Assurance. Hadis holds Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and Information Systems from the University of Washington.