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Now Organize Your AWS Resources by Using up to 50 Tags per Resource

Note: On December 28, 2017, we updated the table and downloadable documents in this blog post.

Tagging AWS resources simplifies the way you organize and discover resources, allocate costs, and control resource access across services. Many of you have told us that as the number of applications, teams, and projects running on AWS increases, you need more than 10 tags per resource. Based on this feedback, we now support up to 50 tags per resource. You do not need to take additional action—you can begin applying as many as 50 tags per resource today.

With tags, you can use resource groups to filter resources across services and create dashboards to help you manage resources. Tag Editor enables you to tag one or more resources at a time in the AWS Management Console. To help you categorize, track, and explore your AWS costs, you can use Cost Explorer and cost allocation tags to obtain detailed billing reports. Additionally, some AWS services enable you to control access to resources based on tags by using IAM policies.

As of September 29, 2016, the following services and their corresponding resource types support 50 tags. (You can also download the complete list as a Word document or text file.)

AWS services and resource types that support tags as of December 28, 2017

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– Durgesh