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How to set up an outbound VPC proxy with domain whitelisting and content filtering

Controlling outbound communication from your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) to the internet is an important part of your overall preventive security controls. By limiting outbound traffic to certain trusted domains (called “whitelisting”) you help prevent instances from downloading malware, communicating with bot networks, or attacking internet hosts. It’s not practical to prevent all […]

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How to Create a Policy That Whitelists Access to Sensitive Amazon S3 Buckets

When it comes to securing access to your Amazon S3 buckets, AWS provides various options. You can utilize access control lists (ACLs), AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user policies, and S3 access policies. Even within S3 access policies, you have options to consider. You can use the Principal element, which allows you to utilize […]

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