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TISAX scope broadened

The Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX) provides automotive industry organizations the assurance needed to build secure applications and services on the cloud. In late June, AWS achieved the assessment objectives required for data with a very high need for protection according to TISAX criteria.

We’re happy to announce this broadened scope of our TISAX certification today, September 3, the same day that Ferdinand Porsche, credited with originating VW’s Beetle, pioneering hybrid electric-gasoline technology, and founding the Porsche car company, was born 145 years ago.

Automotive customers and their entire supply chain rely on AWS, including Volkswagen’s global supply chain comprised of 122 manufacturing plants and 1,500 suppliers. This certification evidences that the AWS information management systems meet industry standards.

“We rely on our partners and suppliers to achieve a unified level of information security established by TISAX. AWS recognizes the importance of this bar and demonstrates innovation by expanding program scope to include additional regions, control domains, and protection levels.”
    --Stefan Arnold, Director Technology & Acceleration, Porsche

AWS completed a scope extension assessment against TISAX very high protection level (AL 3) for five additional regions. The seven regions in scope include Frankfurt, Ireland, US West (Oregon), US East (Ohio), US East (North Virginia), Canada, and Seoul. Control domains in scope expanded to include data protection.

TISAX was established by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) and is governed by the European Network Exchange (ENX). The assessment was conducted and accredited by an audit provider, and the results are retrievable from the ENX Portal. The scope ID and assessment ID are SP208R and AYZ38F-1, respectively.

For more information, see Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange.

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Kevin Quaid

Kevin leads expansion initiatives for security assurance, supporting customers using and migrating to AWS. He previously managed datacenter site selection and qualification for AWS infrastructure. He is passionate about leveraging his decade-plus risk management experience at Amazon to drive innovation and cloud adoption.