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The AWS Builder Studio: Out of the Cloud and Down onto the Street

Note:  This blog was written by Heidi Buck but edited (for grammar and readability) using Amazon Bedrock Text Playground, using the Jurassic-2 Ultra model and default parameters. The thumbnail image for this blog was created by using Amazon Bedrock Image Playground, using the Titan Image Generator G1 and default parameters. The views, thoughts and opinions […]

Modeling Spread of Infectious Disease Using Spatial Simulations on AWS

Spatial simulations compute the motion and behavior of dynamic entities across 2D and 3D virtual environments. These simulations allow users to explore how the behaviors of individual actors and interactions amongst a group of actors can lead to emergent spatial patterns. The authors of the blog see customers using spatial simulations for use cases such […]

VR Virtual Desktop Prototype on the Meta Quest

There is a lot of attention on virtual reality (VR) these days stemming from advances in hardware, collaboration on emerging standards, and availability of new software libraries, tools, and frameworks. What is most exciting is the invention and innovation that happens under these conditions. Amazon Web Services (AWS) strives to enable the community, customers, and […]

Partner Spotlight: Building Cloud-First Enterprise XR Applications

This blog post explores how to develop and deploy cloud-first enterprise extended reality (XR) applications that bring together people, data, and AI. The StreamRoom AI example application from Innoactive demonstrates how to combine cutting-edge technology to create a scalable, enterprise-grade, cloud-native solution for developing and deploying enterprise XR applications. These applications will allow users to […]

Exploring the Spatial Computing Spectrum: The Next Frontier of Immersive Technologies

As we move into a new era of technological advancements, it is becoming clear that the next frontier of innovation will be powered by spatial computing. Whether for gaming, film and media, simulation, or even the metaverse, companies across industries are racing to develop their capabilities in spatial computing. In particular, four segments of spatial […]

Metaverse Building Blocks: Spatial Data Planes

BUILD, DELIVER, MANAGE BLOG SERIES: BUILD Introduction Amazon Web Services (AWS) enterprise customers are using the cloud to build immersive spatial experiences. As an AWS Spatial Prototyping Lead, my team works backwards with these customers to identify spatial challenges (enterprise augmented reality, virtual reality, metaverse, and 3D technology) and resolve those challenges using the cloud. […]