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Empower Your WebXR App Using AWS Serverless Architecture

© Chand – What is WebXR? WebXR stands as a cutting-edge web standard designed to enable immersive virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences directly within web browsers. This technology empowers developers to create and share interactive 3D environments online, offering users innovative and engaging ways to interact with digital content. Recent Developments […]

Save the Date: Spatial Computing at AWS re:Invent 2023

AWS re:Invent is just around the corner, and Spatial Computing specialists will be on hand at the event to walk you through exciting technical presentations, workshops and more. Register here for re:Invent, and get started on your spatial computing journey. Available Talks CMP321 | Deploying photogrammetry & 3D models in the cloud with RealityCapture In […]

Getting Started with Vision Pro and AWS

Learn how to start developing apps now for the upcoming Apple Vision Pro headset using Xcode and Amazon Web Services (AWS) services. This post walks through creating a basic VisionOS app, connecting it to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) storage, and dynamically loading 3D model assets into your VR scenes. In this post you will […]

How to: Create a VR application with user insights using AWS Amplify and WebXR

In this blog you will learn how to create a virtual reality experience with user insights to improve your product using AWS Amplify and Babylon.js’s WebXR implementation. Using this combination of technologies is just one way to help reduce the barrier of getting your first Virtual Reality (VR) application up and running. This how-to will […]

Exploring the Spatial Computing Spectrum: Digitization to Digital Twin

Introduction Reality capture (RC) is the process of digitizing real-world objects or environments. As this process can be complex, this post provides context to the current state of associated technologies. RC has vast implications in many industries, including Automotive, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Engineering, Construction, and Real Estate. There is a fundamental shift taking place […]

AWS IoT TwinMaker scene with BIM model

Building Efficient Digital Twins in the Construction Industry

Introduction The construction industry extensively utilizes the latest technologies, including robots, drones, and AI. In recent years, there has been a growing need for the use of digital twins to make the construction process more efficient and accurate, and AWS IoT TwinMaker Customers have already begun working on this. The benefits of digital twins in […]

VR Virtual Desktop Prototype on the Meta Quest

There is a lot of attention on virtual reality (VR) these days stemming from advances in hardware, collaboration on emerging standards, and availability of new software libraries, tools, and frameworks. What is most exciting is the invention and innovation that happens under these conditions. Amazon Web Services (AWS) strives to enable the community, customers, and […]

A person in a virtual reality headset is interacting with a digital avatar.

How to Host Cross-Platform XR Experiences on AWS

As a Spatial Computing Prototyping Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), I need to quickly build prototypes and proofs of concept to validate customer use cases. Whether I am building cross-platform Extended Reality (XR) experiences for meetings, for industrial training, or for multiplayer gaming, I can quickly provision AWS cloud resources on-demand to suit my […]

Partner Spotlight: Building Cloud-First Enterprise XR Applications

This blog post explores how to develop and deploy cloud-first enterprise extended reality (XR) applications that bring together people, data, and AI. The StreamRoom AI example application from Innoactive demonstrates how to combine cutting-edge technology to create a scalable, enterprise-grade, cloud-native solution for developing and deploying enterprise XR applications. These applications will allow users to […]